1. About the project:
  • Project’s name: “RAISE UP”
  • Duration: 06/10/2016 – 09/10/2016.
  • Location: Tân Qui Island, An Phú Tân Commune, Cầu Kè District, Trà Vinh
  • Participants: 16 staffs from The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Vietnam (HSBC Vietnam) and 4 members of ECO Vietnam Group (EVG)
  • Case study: Research about issues related to the brand of Mangosteen and Tourism potentials in Tan Qui Island.

“Raise up”  is the second project belonged to two projects with the partner, HSBC Vietnam in 2016. It’s aim to improve leadership skills through solving case study which is talk about mangosteen trademark and tourism in Tan Quy Island.      

  1. Activity process:


  • 14h: EVG’s members and HSBC Vietnam staffs gathered together in HSBC’s office in Centre Point Holding to depart to Cầu Kè District
  • 19h30: The group reached Cầu Kè District and had first meal here.
  • 20h30: HSBC Vietnam team checked in at Thanh Dat Hotel and shared hope and fear to EVG team. After that, each member had to write down their learning outcome and plus even better if in their own paper.
  • 21h15: Sharing ended, HSBC Vietnam took a rest in hotel, EVG team came back to the community resthouse.
  • 22h: EVG team had daily reflection, checked and packed up logistics.



  • 6h30: EVG members and HSBC team gathered and moved to the restaurant to have the first breakfast in Cầu Kè District.
  • 8h: Next, the group moved to People Committee of Cầu Kè District and had the first meeting with local authorities.


  • 9h: Welcome ceremony finished, HSBC Vietnam team listed down a lot of questions about mangosteen and tourism here. The interview was going well between local authorities and HSBC Vietnam team
  • 10h30: HSBC Vietnam team came back to hotel and continued discussing th solution, EVG team reviewed and prepared for that afternoon’s activities.
  • 12h: Having lunch at Ngoc Linh Restaurant and moving to the boat port to go to Tan QuyIsland.
  • 13h30: Moving to Tan Quy Island.
  • 14h: Having a meeting with Mr.Út – One of the few households do business in Tourism in Tân Quy Island. After short talking, HSBC Vietnam team knew more about life style and how local people croped.

Then, dividing into two teams to come to each household for interview: Tourism team and Mangosteen team.

After the first field trip, HSBC Vietnam team collected a lot of useful data for their solution to improve mangosteen trademark and tourism in Tân Quy Island.

  • 17h: Coming back to mainland and having dinner at Ngoc Linh restaurant
  • 19h: Back to Thanh Dat Hotel and had a sharing. Each member could write down not only the good and not good thing for their teamates, but aslo plus even better if. Withour writing the name, this makes everyone more comfortable to give others feedback and it helped reviewed person improve their behavior. Finally, EVG team notified schedule for the next day to HSBC Vietnam team.
  • 20h30: EVG team came back to the community resthouse, had daily reflection, checked and packed up logistics.
  • 08/10/2016:
  • 6h30: EVG members and HSBC team gathered and moved to the restaurant to have breakfast.
  • 7h30: Visiting some historical and cultural instructions of Tra Vinh: Ancient House, Khomer Pagoda.


  • 9h30: Visiting Community Library in Phong Thanh, Cau Ke, Tra Vinh and donated books for the children here.
  • 10h30: Enjoying a special food of Tra Vinh : Dua Sap (Wax Coconut)
  • 12h30: Having lunch at Ngoc Linh Restaurant and moving to the boat port to go to Tan Qui Island.


  • 14h30: Dividing into 2 teams: Tourism Team and Mangosteen Team, discussing and brainstorming to find the ideas which would be presented the next morning.


  • 17h: Having a bonding party with local community. The represnetatives of the local community, HSBC Bank and ECO Vietnam Group had many interesting performances which created an alive and amazing night.
  • 20h15: Saying goodbye to the local community and coming back to Thanh Dat Hostel.
  • 21h30: EVG members came back to the community resthouse to have daily reflection, check and pack up logistics.


  • 6h30: EVG members and HSBC team gathered at Thanh Dat hostel and went to have breakfast.
  • 8h: Representatives of HSBC team presented the solutions to the Tan Qui Tourism Issue and Tan Qui Mangosteen Issue. The solutions focused mainly on promoting for products and for local community. Particularly, HSBC team had created 2 fanpages: Tan Qui Tourism and Tan Qui Mangosteen and forwarded the admin right for the local authority. Then local leaders had some responses and showed their gratitude for HSBC’s solutions. Both sides hoped that when HSBC and ECO Vietnam Group came back, the issues would be improved.
  • 10h: When the ceremony ended, HSBC team and EVG team had some reflection and feedbacks for each other
  • 11h : Coming back to Ho Chi Minh City.
  • Thoughts after the project.

Review from Ngọc Thanh – a member of ECO Vietnam Group.

“This was the first time I took part in a MDP, of course before that I was not only worried but aslo excited about that trip, moreover through this trip I wanted to learn and dedicate for the people in there. So how did my project took place ? Firstly, preparing for my trip, I had to start in 2 months before going and combined with the experience from the first trip,  it made me more satisfied with my preparation. Next was the running time, I met some “older friends” from HSBC Vietnam team, they gave me a first deep strong impression. Whenever and wherever we went, they always discussed the solution to improve the mangosteen trademark and tourisim in Tan Quy Island. Moreover, it was also my first time to join the project with EVG members, they always showed me the spirit “Work hard, play hard” and helped me a lot during the trip. Each of us was the different person, different  personality but we had the same goal, the same hope to make this world better. Finally, I want to say thank you to all of them, my friendly “older friends” from HSBC team, my EVG teamates who was always on my side and showed me how important teamates was. Thank a lot”



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