Beneficiary testimonial

“Thank you ECO Vietnam Group for helping my students access the good and modern education at this 4.0 era. It surely helps our students a lot in learning as well as preparing for better future. Wish EVG and the library all the best” – Mr Hieu – Teacher of Primary School at Phong Thanh commune

“Before knowing EVG Community Library, I got troubles with my studying. I have to go to tuition and try to understand the basic lessons. After joining different classes and programs at the EVG Community Library, I have known the better way in learning. I like joining the programs at the EVG Community Libraries because I always feel happy and learn many new things. My family also see the changes in me and encourage me participating more programs at the library” – Tran Ngoc Tam – Grade 7 at Tieu Can secondary school

“Before knowing the library, I always spend a lot of time playing outside. With the library, I come more often to learn different programs such as IT, STEM. The library also taught me about the values and good character: be polite to people, especially for elderly. I also join the Robam dance class and become more confident. My English has been improved a lot since I got a chance to talk and interact with volunteers from other countries. I would love to send my big love to the library and teachers there.” – Ngoc Tram – Grade 8 – Phong Thanh secondary school

“The library is the best place. I was very shy and afraid to speak up. I also do not care much about my future and was lost in the direction. Participating different classes at the library help me gain confident. The teachers here are very friendly and they always encourage me to speak up and share. I find my motivation and reason to continue to study and will try to get to the university” – Thach Thi On Ga – Students at Phong Thanh commune.

” Thanks teachers! I am so surprised by the changes in my son. He is very lazy. Every time, I ask him to read boo, it is like torturing for both mother and son. After joining different programs at the EVG Library, he has changed: he like studying and doing homework by himself. Thanks again for all your good works” – Ms Le Thi Nga – mother of student Le Sy Viet Long

Please accept my sincere appreciation to the library since library has provided a lot of support to Trinh, especially lending him the tablet to study. I am very happy for that. I always tell my son to keep the tablet in good condition and study hard. Thanks teachers at the EVG Community Libary for providing guidance for my son – Ms Thanh Tam , mother of Co Ngoc Trinh

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