“Raise up project” 1 – ECO Vietnam Group and HSBC Vietnam


  1. About the project:
  • Project: “BUILD UP”
  • Time : 22 September – 25 September,
  • Location : Tân Qui Island, An Phú Tân Commune, Cầu Kè District, Trà Vinh
  • Participants: 19 staff of The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Vietnam (HSBC Vietnam) and 4 members of ECO Vietnam Group.
  • Achievements: Research about issues related to the brand of Mangosteen and Tourism potentials in Tan Qui Island.

“Build up”  is the first of two project with the partner, HSBC Vietnam in 2016. Its aim is to find the causes, then discuss with together and provide the solutions to develop the Mangosteen brand and exploit Tourism potentials in Tân Qui Island.

  1. Activity process:

22/09/2016 :  EVG members and HSBC Vietnam staff gathered together in HSBC’s office in Centre Point Holding to depart to Cầu Kè District.

23/09/2016: In the morning, the group had the first meeting with local authorities, work with together to find out realities about Mangosteen brand and Tourism potentials in Tân Qui Island. Specifically, HSBC team discussed with authorities about root causes which makes the local has difficuty in developing Mangosteen brand and tourism there.

 All of parties – Local authority and HSBC Vietnam team joyfully discussed and answered any questions related to Mangosteen brand and Tourism potentials.


In the afternoon, the group divided into two teams to meet households who plant Mangosteen (registered Vietgap and not registered Vietgap); people who do business with tourism.


The aim was to better inspect the state of two issues that the group were researching to find out solutions overcome both problems.

24/09/2016 : In the morning, HSBC Vietnam team presented some solutions after a fact-finding trip.


Based on causes that they researched , HSBC Vietnam team offered some proposals about solutions to improve deserving of Mangosteen brand; as well as to  help local and households sustainably develop Tourism in Tan Qui Island.

Other activities : To learn some special  cultures about religion, language, architecture in Tra Vinh Province, to comprehend local people.

  • Visiting Ông Bổn pagoda.


  • Visiting ancient house
  • Visting Khmer pogada:
  • Art activities exchange in Tân Qui Island:




  • Experience for going across Hậu river to Tân Qui Island by boat

25/09/2016: HSBC Vietnam team summed up the solutions presented to local authority. The parties have been working together very well and happily, partly  resolve some problems and learn from each other about management ability and how to bring out the issues to discuss.


  • Thoughts after the project.

Before the project, we felt very worried about everything. Because, Your partner is a famous bank, which is so different from the project that student volunteers join in. This project required us to be more professional, serious and demanding with our work. Due to the high requirements and  efforts, we learnt many useful things in 4 short days. We learnt how to understand ourselves, how to set up goals for my effort to be able to act in a reasonable manner, how to listen, how to share, how to keep calm before any situations, how to be confident to speak up in public. Moreover we also learnt how to build teamwork, analyze and solve problems and make a conclusive decision. We think all of that will make us stronger and more successful.

Besides the useful lessons, We also experienced the unforgettable feeling like watching the starry sky while boating on the river at night and enjoyed the fresh air in Delta River, all of which I hardly find in a crowded, noisy and dusty city like Saigon. Everything in Tân Qui Island is so peaceful to make us comfortable. For trip with us, each project in ECO Vietnam Group will bring different exciting experiences that it is hard to forget. We had a unforgettable memory like that. Thank you. YOLO!




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