VNU-HCM High School for the Gifted and ECO Vietnam Group

VNU-HCM High school for the Gifted has a volunteering project, named “Sẻ” (The meaning of Sẻ is sharing). Annually, they will organize the charity trip to the needy places for supporting and learning at the same time. This year, Sẻ and EVG have worked together for the trip to EVG Community Library No 1 at the Tra Vinh province.

some information of the project are below:

  1. Time: 14/05 – 15/05/2022
  2. Partnering organization: VNU- HCM High School for the Gifted.
  3. Members: 50
  4. Beneficiary: 80 kids
  5. Activities:
  • Organized English and STEM classes. The teaching topics are quite diverse: Families and Subjects, Balancing lesson ( through learning how to make the balanced dragonfly – one of the most famous toy/souvenir in Vietnam).
  • Organized the reading activities as well as helped arranging books in the library.
  • Organized the puppet activities for the kids at the library.
  • Football friendly match and culture night exchange.

Besides, teachers of VNU has successfully raised more than 40 millions Vietnam Dong to support EVG Community Fund. Most of the supports are from the colleagues and the parents of the members of Sẻ.

The trip not only left some impact on the children at the library, but also the students of VNU- HCM High School for the Gifted , through the refection on teamwork, accessibility in education, human kind and empathy.



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