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Mr. Harry Pham Van Anh is a hardworking person who makes things happen and believes in the divine cooperation between man and nature. His all-rounded achievements in high school awarded him the Asean Scholarship to study Electronic Engineering in Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore. He performed exceptionally well in university and graduated with the First Class of Honour Degree. However, no matter where he goes, his heart never leaves the unfortunate people in his hometown, Vietnam. That was why when his passion calls him to do the extraordinary; he quitted his stable engineering job and started ECO Vietnam Group (EVG).

He also received another scholarship to pursue his master in Public Administration at Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, National University of Singapore in 2016.

Currently, he is also Adjunct Lecturer for few universities in Vietnam.


All EVG’s members are in one united line work. We divide EVG into 4 departments:

Project Department (PD),

External Relationship Department (ER),

Human Resources Department (HR),

Finance and Logistics Department (F&L).

Each department has its own function that run EVG’s framework smoothly together. This is the illustration of the way we work with others. If we want to carry out a project:

PD will plan the details and conduct the project. HR will recruit volunteers. ER promote for the projects and the recruitment.  F&L will balance and allocate budgets for each process.

On the other hand, each department also has its own job, regardless of the project, which serves the same purpose – to make our family – EVG- develop day by day in order to serve the community and  provide the best life experience for anyone that come to us.


The joy when completing a project


The so-called EVG is, in fact, a big family for the young enthusiastic people. Through 13 year since EVG was founded, it has attracted a lot of members joining in. It is them who promote the volunteerism and develop the organization by their passion, talents and devotion. Our members and volunteers are always challenged with obstacles while working with us due to personalities and environment differences, lack of experiences, authority involvement and other objective reasons. However, we made mistake and we learnt from it, day by day, we help each other and teach each other to deal with problems and not to let it prevent us from completing our work. In the end, we are proud to have the change to work with exceptional individuals. We know together we can make things happen since we share the same cause and the same love for our community.

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