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 EVG Community Library– Objectives and Operation

 Overall Objectives

“Create an educative and open environment where local people can learn and exchange knowledge about all aspects of life; Contribute to the reduction of inequality in information accessibility; Preserve and promote historical and cultural traditions of Phong Thanh and Gia Bac commune and neighboring communes ”.

(Activities conducting at the EVG Community Library will contribute to the achievement of goals No. 4, No. 10, No. 13 and No. 17 in the United Nation Sustainable Development Goals- ).

Joining Sponsor A Library program

In order to have stable finance for the operation of Community Library, ECO Vietnam Group raise fund from individual through Sponsor a Library program

Individual, who agrees to join the Sponsor A Library program- called A sponsor from now, will have responsibilities as below:

  • A Sponsor commits to sponsor an amount 50 SGD/USD or 100 SGD/USD per month for the Library. A Sponsor also can choose 500,000 VND or 1,000,000 VND per month if using VND in sponsoring.
  • A Sponsor commits to participate Sponsor A Library program at least a year to create stability for the library
  • A Sponsor can transfer the money monthly, quarterly or full payment for a year. A Sponsor is required to transfer at the beginning of the month ( from 1st to 5th day of each month)
  • If a Sponsor needs to stop participating in the program for some reasons, please announce one month in advance.
  • A sponsor can contribute feedback and ideas for the programs at the Community Library.
  • A sponsor can visit the Community Library but it is required to inform EVG for the visit.

Our responsibilities to Sponsors will be:

  • EVG will send quarterly report to A sponsor. A report includes the programs and activities of the library.
  • EVG commits to use the fund only for EVG Community Library programs related.
  • All activities of community library will be updated at
  • EVG has a right to stop the program if needed and has a responsibility to announce the reasons to Sponsors

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Phone: +84945063062

Scratch session – STEM class by EVG Community Library for local students.

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