The sharing of Hanh:

What matter me the most after coming back from an OSL project is the questions of the kids “You come and you go, no one stay with us?”. I am still lingering with that question and how to help them learn English more effectively. Other parts are perfect already, especially for refurbishing 3 classrooms. I am satisfied with the classrooms. Our labor work and effort are paid off.

The sharing of Linh:

Thanks for that week, I could do many things for the first time I hadn’t experienced before especially doing construction. It was such harsh work ever that honestly at the first time doing, I wanted to give up and regretted to do, but eventually I did overcome those difficulties. Thanks for that week, I tried for the first time to communicate, integrate with deaf friends using sign languages which I had never thought I would before. 1 week with Camp Out Reach- NTU, I got used to using my hands freely to describe while talking. I think if we had more time together I could have been able to communicate with them easily. That’s quite a big achievement after that week.

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