NUS -LKYSPP Vietnam Alumni chapter and ECO Vietnam Group

The NUS Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy Vietnam Alumni chapter has successfully organized the charity trip to EVG community Library 2 at Gia Bac Lam Dong from 21 to 23 June 2022. The members have flew from Ha Noi and Sai gon to Lam Dong and traveled together to Gia Bac.

The commune is on the mountainous area with more than 90% population is K’Ho ethnic people with poor living condition. The community library is built and funded by Harry Pham Van Anh (NUS LKYSPP MPA 2016)- President of NUS LKYSPP Vietnam alumni chapter term 2022- 2024 with the aim to closing the gap in accessing education between rural and urban area.  He has supported this project since 2009.

It is annual charity trip for the NUS LKYSPP Vietnam alumni chapter and their family. During the trip, we have organized different supports and event:

1. Supported weekly educative activities for the community library.

2. Had fun culture exchange program

3. Taught football and had friendly football match.

4. Donated 2,500 sgd in the fund for EVG community Library and gifts to the library.

During this trip, the NUS LKYSPP alumni also had informal meeting with the district government to share the meaningful works that the library have done for the community.

The NUS LKYSPP Vietnam alumni chapter and their family members: 8.

The beneficiary: 50 kids at the event. The Library serves 200 kids.

In the end of 2018, The NUS LKYSPP alumni chapter also had a trip to EVG Community Library 1 at Tra Vinh Province. The EVG Community library is also built and funded by Mr Harry Pham.

From 2016 until now, the alumni of NUS LKYSPP Vietnam Chapter keeps supporting these two EVG Community Libraries for finance and advices on the government and policy.


You can support the effort here:

Happy Sharing and ECO Vietnam Group


1. Purpose

In order to create a meaningful playground with wholesome outdoor activities for children,  EVG Community Library collaborated with Happy Sharing group to organize activities such as making (1) decorative cards with wishes and (2) recycling flower vases from used glass bottles with hopes to reduce waste and protect the environment.

Besides, the team organized a cooking session providing 200 meals, teaching Zumba, and giving gifts to the local children.

2. Time and venue

Time: 7th and 8th May, 2022

Venue:: EVG Community Library – Gia Bac

3. Participants

– Number of delegates: 16

– Number of volunteers, teachers and parents supporting the library: 8 (including 5 preschool teachers, 1 library volunteer,  and 1 student’s parent)

– Expected number of students participating: 200

– Number of students who signed up later: 32

– Total number of students participated: 232

4. Itinerary and details:

 Made cards to celebrate Vietnamese’s Family Day on May 15. This activity attracted not only kindergarten but also high school children. Children drew, cut drawings  then designed their own cards.

  • Made recycled flower vases through a lesson of environment protection. During this activity, each student group has their own mentor to guide and support implementation.
  • A small gathering party was thrown in which each student received a meal. 
  •  Members of the delegation visited local sites.
  •  Organized a fun, festive zumba class which brought excitement for participants.
  • Distributed 200 gifts to 100 preschool and 100 primary school students
  • First Aid kit is given to the EVG Community Library
  • Small funding for EVG Community Library.

5. Achievement

– The library was introduced to many parents and students.. Eventually, many students signed up for library membership.

–  Activities successfully gained teachers and parents visits and support.

– The preparation work of guiding children to the library used colors to sort by village and number. The number of children registered is equivalent to the number of children attended.

– The library team handled the gift distribution for late comers well

– Local volunteer recruitment for assistance was favorable.

– The preparation of the group necessities was quite adequate.

– The activities organized in the program are  suitable for the children. Many useful activities help them understand more about the importance of environmental protection as well as boosting children’s development. At the same time, the series of activities shaped a positive attitude for children visiting the library; they were obedient and made lots of new friends.

Corporate Social Responsibility Program with Turner.


1. Program details

  • Operating time: 14:00 (May 7, 2022)
  • Location: EVG Community Library – Gia Bac
  • Purpose: to create a playground for children with many fun activities
  • Participants:

+ The Turner group members: 20

+ Volunteers at library: 7 

+ The number of students participating:  more than 200

  • Timeline:

+ 09:30 – 11:00: Giving away laptops, visiting local destinations and having lunch.

+ 14:00 – 16:00: Playing games, giving away food like milk, snacks,.. along with setting up the playground.

2. Outcomes

  • Swings and trampoline are set up; laptops are distributed as well as snacks
  • The playground brought joy and excitement  among the students.
  • Many fun games were organized, such as jumping feet, fashion show and other activities involving swing and trampoline.
  • A large number of students participated.
  • The library staff and the preschool teachers were energetic throughout the process. 

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1. Program between EVG Community Library and Happy Feet

The Happy Feet team wishes to (1) spread the reading culture and renew the bookcase of the EVG Community Library to help children access meaningful and inspirational books for personal development; (2) convey useful and interesting knowledge to children through organizing experiential activities integrating topics on awareness of environmental protection; and (3) create a playground in  which students can improve life skills  and gain self-confidence.

2. Detailed activities

– The number of members: 18

– The number of students expected to participate in the program: 50

– The number of students participating in activities on April 30, 2022: 92

+ The group organized fun activities for students: Divided into 3 playgroups, children could learn about  environmental protection while playing games  and participating in various activities such as: “planting trees; building tables and chairs from eco-bricks, and making the wishing tree”. More specifically, while the water purification experiment  helped students understand the importance of trees, making eco-bricks highlighted the act of recycling nylon and plastics.

+ Game stations namely “Tracing the Elephant Footprints”; “Jump sack”; “Laughter in Ka Sa” and “The connection booth” broke the ice, bringing about a more open atmosphere.

+ The team organized a book reading session, arts performing and movie displaying about dream-drawings. In this activity, the group organized a group reading session incorporating riddles and quizzes for the children, with hopes to give them a memorable time thereby, inspiration and motivation were created.

+ The team distributed 200 gifts to local children. The gift included a backpack, a type of toothpaste, a toothbrush, a towel, a note, and other school stationery.

3. Outcomes:

The number of students who participated was greater than expectations. The game stations were  not only fun and practical for the children but also warmed the hearts of the volunteering team.

In this program, the participants brought specific products, including 3 sets of chairs made of ecological bricks, approximately 500 new books for the library, more than 30 new game paraphernalia; more than 100 souvenir photos taken of participating students and 200 gifts for students in need.

Activities within the program were organized with a clear educational orientation, designed for local children specifically; the members supporting the program were very enthusiastic and creative; new joyful activities were added so as to raise attention.

[1] Ka Sa Hamlet, Gia Bac Commune. Di Linh District, Vietnam. EVG Community Library is located at this hamlet.

Gift presented to children.

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Michael Page VN and ECO Vietnam Group


Over the past two years, we had to suspend a lot of our plans to fight the pandemic. That time was never easy, still EVG did our best to maintain activities for children at two community libraries in Gia Bac and Tra Vinh through online projects with great efforts.

Now that life in Vietnam is in adaptation with a “New Normal”, we are back with our first offline project!

On April 15, 2022, the EVG community library in Tra Vinh province couldn’t be more excited to welcome Michael Page Vietnam’s visit. The event marks the first time for a while since the children could all participate in group activities at the library. Everyone in the group and the volunteers joined hands to plant flowers, paint the walls, and renew the library, creating more spaces for the children to raise their spirits as well as determination for studying and developing themselves.

The joy and excitement sparkling from the children’s eyes when participating in the games which haven’t been seen for quite a long time, were enough to warm many hearts, giving the volunteers strength to continue the work despite any fatigue. Even though the sky on that day is a bit gray due to the early seasonal rain, the team’s tremendous enthusiasm could not be put off. A sincere and heartfelt thank you to Michael Page Vietnam and all volunteers; we couldn’t have done it without you.

Last but not least , many new exciting projects are coming soon, so don’t forget to FOLLOW US to be part of a great journey!


In 28/9/2015 ECO Vietnam Group organized the program “MID-AUTUMN FOR KIDS”  which is lead by President of ECO Vietnam Group – HARRY Pham Van Anh for more  than 400 students of Hoa An B primary school at Hoa An village, Cau Ke district, Tra Vinh Province. Hoa An is a poor village which has more than 30% of population are Khơ-me people. Therefore, people have a lot of difficulty and children have obstacles when going to school. This program is co-operated by volunteers who are students from many different  universities in Ho Chi Minh and people who used to work with ECO Vietnam Group. From one week before the beginning of the program, we have to prepare for all things.

We departed from Ho Chi Minh City from 2 a.m and arrived in Tra Vinh at 6.30 am. We stayed at People’s Committee of Hoa An commune and begin to prepare for all going activities during day.With the purpose to hold a joyful and meaningful Mid-Autumn Festival for children, we organized many activities .We set up many eventful childhood games which drew attention of a large number of students joining in such as “ Painting, blind to pop balloon, shooting ball to goal, etc”.


Moreover, we had a lantern competition between students to find out who make the most beautiful lantern and a gala night of Volunteer and local people with a lot of happiness. We delivered moon-cake for children and we can see the hilarity in their eyes. Especially, the comedy “ Thằng Cuội”  which was set the scence by the volunteers themselves brought the most fun to children.They were keen on watching and very interested in the performance. Besides, students at Hoa An B primary school also prepared special performances in this gala night





We hold a very successful Mid-Autumn program for children.With the help from many maecenas, we offered more than 400  gifts for students to support them in their studying.Children are over the moon that day.The smile in children’s face make us feel very happy.



This is a meaningful event that brings a lot of happiness to children, teachers and local people in the Mid-Autumn Festival in Hoa An commune.We had a unforgettable and meaningful memories about the Mid-autumn program together between volunteers. We had very happy time and precious moments.The volunteers devoted  for their own youth and we have a wonderful trip together even though we just meet the first time.More than words we can say, we are happy not only because of bringing happiness to children and people in Hoa An commune but also the friendship and the moments we are together.


Youth Imprint

Explore and Learning Trip: Youth Imprint

In the period from 09.16.2014 to 09.19.2014, the members of ECO Vietnam Group had a ‘Explore and Learning’ trip in Singapore. Throughout this trip, EVGers understand more about Singapore – EVG welcomes students from Singapore for various projects in Vietnam each year. This trip was not only a fun-filled trip. It acts as an opportunity for EVGers to discover our personal capacity, identify our knowledge gaps and reflect on personal skills that can be improved upon.


The ‘Explore and Learning’ trip was only for a few days, but the knowledge and lessons which EVGers gained were invaluable. Within these 4 days, EVGers visited the teachers, the students of Nanyang Girls’ School and Nanyang Technology University. EVGers learnt more about Singapore’s education, the learning spirit of Singapore student and the enthusiasm of the Singapore teachers. In additional, EVGers are also impressed with the country’s educational system.  Education in Singapore is present everywhere, from schools to the subway. The public were educated with different reminder signboards that cultivate the ethical and cultural portion of Singapore. All of these were reflected in the lifestyle of Singaporean from the way of queuing; minimum rubbish on the streets, designated smoking area, as well as courtesy signboard to offer seat to the needy.

During the trip, EVGers also visited Little India, Chinatown, Merlion Park, Sentosa, Garden by the Bay, Orchard Road … From all these places, EVGers learnt more about the multi-ethnic cultures of Singapore, as well as overseeing the prosperous development of this Lion City.


After the trip, the members of EVG have an own reflections. EVG worked with many Singaporeans before coming to this trip, so we were eager to find out more about the place where we seemed to have plenty of imagination and knowledge of it, yet never once had we stepped into this island before. It was a pleasant surprise to witness the importance of education all over the country. It was also an admiration to be able to witness the successful development of a young country, Singapore. We were glad to be given this opportunity to learn and understand more about Singapore. Lastly, it is also a pride to know that Singapore had worked with EVG for many projects and EVG remains          
   the top choice for Service-Learning, if they are coming to Vietnam. We are pleased to have many future opportunities to work with Singapore as EVG attempts to assert itself and bring the best to the society.

“I am a dreamer, but I’m not the only one”

The members of EVG realize the importance of globalization, and are keen to travel to different new places and see the world. The world is great and wonderful. This trip enhanced the knowledge and thinking of EVGers, helping EVGers to understand the role and mission of them in the organization, the society and the country. Each person has a role in the image of a country.  Let’s mature each day, dream big, work hard for the country, for the world!

S1-A Simple Wish

“A Simple Wish Arup” is one of the company- partnered projects that ECO Vietnam Group has implemented in 2014. The project was completed as expected under the cooperation of the ARUP company- Singapore during the period from 28/5 / 2014- 06/01/2014.

10435415_10152427601130977_6653632606524603176_n10260014_10152427599980977_1346771628264795022_n (1)    in An Hiep commune, Ba Tri district, Ben Tre province. We have successfully completed the initial target set that is to cement 900m2 elementary school yard for the children.


Unlike other OSL projects, project S1 took place for a short period of time but it still had positive effects to the community. We gave knowledge to the children through the lively lectures; helped them to be more confident and engage proactive communication in learning. Besides teaching activities, the project had a festival-cultural exchange which people can exchange and, learn from each other, unleashing the talents of each individual through songs and dance, theater acting and storytelling. These activities pull people closer together, helping children and students to better understanding the culture and people of Vietnam.


EVG still hold a particular view about volunteering in any of our projects. ‘We are not simply going to give, to bestow. We volunteer to “serve and learn”, and to learn from the people we met.’ With that, we organized the visit, gifts and hold close conversation with people here. As for the participants themselves, they feel and write reflection on the experiences.

We can see the values that the project brings to the community. We do not just help the children with difficult lives, but educate them with soft skills training that are useful for the students. EVG provides a chance for youth to have direct access to the Service Learning model and foster many friendships with international youths.

ECO Vietnam Group hopes that in the future, we  will cooperate with many more parties to work together , to build a beautiful country.

1309 – Clean Water Project

About the project:

Clean Water Project is a collaborative project between ECO Vietnam Group and HSBC Bank with the support of LIN Center for Community Development.

– Time of the project took place: 9/7/2013- 31/12/2013

– Location: An Hiep Commune, Ba Tri district, Ben Tre province.

– Content: Building 50 reservoirs for 50 poor families in An Hiep Commune. Donating school supplies, bicycles for students in An Hiep 1 primary school and An Hiep 2 primary school.

The meaning of the project :

An Hiep is the poorest commune in the 23 communes of Ba Tri district , Ben Tre province . This is an agricultural region , is divided into two areas : land and isles . The population of An Hiep is 121.881 or 2,724 households . On the isle land , because of the lack of clean water , people can not farm that have to employed only with very low wages in the surrounding areas or HCMC . Because life is too difficult, the learning of children are not receiving the necessary attention . One of the urgent issues to be addressed here is clean water . Located near the sea , An Hiep has only two seasons: saltwater and freshwater . Salt water can not be used in crop and livestock production ; whereas freshwater resources also affected by acidity , affect the use in daily life . The only source of clean water is rain water here . So , in the rainy season , people have used the reservoir to reserve water for dry season . However, in many poor families can not afford to build the reservoir, so they have to buy water or use salt water. Therefore, the clean water project brings  50 reservoirs for 50 poor families in the hope that reduced somewhat difficult for the people of this land .

Activity report:

A) Construction of water reservoir:



– On 2/8, 16 HSBC staff and 4 volunteers of EVG has built 8 reservoirs for 8 poor households in An Hiep .

– The remaining 42 reservoirs  assigned to the local to they build and was completed in 9/2013.

– On 10/02/2013, 5 representatives of ECO Vietnam Group go to the local to test 42 reservoirs .


B) Giving gifts to elementary students:

971410_10151786905220977_1632105224_n (1)

– On 08/03/2013, HSBC staff and volunteers have an exchange day and teach student of An Hiep 1 primary school about hygiene. Late sessions, 160 gifts (by HSBC charge) including pair textbooks were given to 160 school children at An Hiep 1.


– In addition, 5 bike (charge by HSBC) has also been given to 5 students with good academic and disadvantaged of An Hiep 2 school.1157633_10151786919590977_300226718_n