Happy Sharing and ECO Vietnam Group


1. Purpose

In order to create a meaningful playground with wholesome outdoor activities for children,  EVG Community Library collaborated with Happy Sharing group to organize activities such as making (1) decorative cards with wishes and (2) recycling flower vases from used glass bottles with hopes to reduce waste and protect the environment.

Besides, the team organized a cooking session providing 200 meals, teaching Zumba, and giving gifts to the local children.

2. Time and venue

Time: 7th and 8th May, 2022

Venue:: EVG Community Library – Gia Bac

3. Participants

– Number of delegates: 16

– Number of volunteers, teachers and parents supporting the library: 8 (including 5 preschool teachers, 1 library volunteer,  and 1 student’s parent)

– Expected number of students participating: 200

– Number of students who signed up later: 32

– Total number of students participated: 232

4. Itinerary and details:

 Made cards to celebrate Vietnamese’s Family Day on May 15. This activity attracted not only kindergarten but also high school children. Children drew, cut drawings  then designed their own cards.

  • Made recycled flower vases through a lesson of environment protection. During this activity, each student group has their own mentor to guide and support implementation.
  • A small gathering party was thrown in which each student received a meal. 
  •  Members of the delegation visited local sites.
  •  Organized a fun, festive zumba class which brought excitement for participants.
  • Distributed 200 gifts to 100 preschool and 100 primary school students
  • First Aid kit is given to the EVG Community Library
  • Small funding for EVG Community Library.

5. Achievement

– The library was introduced to many parents and students.. Eventually, many students signed up for library membership.

–  Activities successfully gained teachers and parents visits and support.

– The preparation work of guiding children to the library used colors to sort by village and number. The number of children registered is equivalent to the number of children attended.

– The library team handled the gift distribution for late comers well

– Local volunteer recruitment for assistance was favorable.

– The preparation of the group necessities was quite adequate.

– The activities organized in the program are  suitable for the children. Many useful activities help them understand more about the importance of environmental protection as well as boosting children’s development. At the same time, the series of activities shaped a positive attitude for children visiting the library; they were obedient and made lots of new friends.

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