Gia Bac

  • Gia Bac is one of 18 communes in Di Linh District, Lam Dong and 6 hour ride from Ho Chi Minh City. Gia Bac is considered one of the region’s poorest area in Vietnam. The commune has about 2500 people and 441 households, 99% of people here are ethnic K’hor and Nop.
  • There are two main problems exist locally, such as low income and low educational level.


  • Low income

Income of most households in Gia Bac is based on the cultivation of corn (maize) and coffee. However, the earnings from this crop are not enough to guarantee them a full life. If the crop increase their incomes will be increased, but unfortunately due to the geographical location of local rice farming in Gia Bac is impossible. Therefore, people in Gia Bac currently trapped in a spiral of poverty and can not bring their children a good life and to learn more.


  • Low literacy levels
  • What makes the challenge of poor people here put their children’s learning lightly, so despite the communal school, many children still do not attend school and instead help the family of cultivation. There are cases where the children are in school, they must leave school to help the family economy.

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