1203 -Fly Up Project


Starting the project in Gina Bac highlands this summer, from 26/05/2012 to 02/06/2012, more than 25 volunteers (volunteers) of EVG with the Dunman High School, Singapore succesfully completed a trip in the project “Fly up 1” in Gia Bac commune, Di Linh district, Lam Dong province. With many meaningful activities during the trip, the young people did not only help people in this underprivileged highland, but also study and accumulated precious experience for their life.

Coming to “Fly up 1” this time, the volunteers had the opportunity to get closer to the children of the poor Gia Bac. From the operation of the library, everyone could learn, have fun and more link with each other.

The lively English class of the volunteers.

The lively English class of the volunteers.

The funny performances of the volunteers in the chrildren’s festival.

The funny performances of the volunteers in the chrildren’s festival.

After those activities, Sau những hoạt động như thế, everybody became fond of each other.

After those activities, Sau những hoạt động như thế, everybody became fond of each other.

Besides, in this project, project “Be A Guardian” was implemented in parallel. With the desire to help the students get over the adversity, go on learning, the volunteers together looked for and helped the children in this area.

In the end of this project, the participants had a lot of emotion. The volunteer trip make people become tiny, but it was that trip which make us grow up. Let’s be together with EVG to experience that feelings if you have never.




1202 – SHINE Project

PROJECT “SHINE”  19/5 – 25/5/2012

Phương Thịnh Commune, Cao Lãnh, Đồng Tháp, Vietnam

This project is a start of a new collaboration between EVG and Paya Lebar Methodist High School from Singapore. They had executed many educational and cultural activities in Phuong Thinh, Cao Lanh, Dong Thap before. Through this project, a new cooperation is formed and EVG is able to extend its influence in Singapore.

1From 19/5/2012 to 25/5/2012, project SHINE hosted by ECO Vietnam Group (EVG) in cooperation with Paya Lebar Methodist Girls High School, Singapore was excitedly conducted in Phương Thịnh commune, Cao Lãnh, Đồng Tháp District, Vietnam with the  mission to help and improve life condition in Phuong Thinh commune.

In 7 days, with much enthusiastic, determination and the thrust to build and develop the community in Phuong Thinh, almost 70 volunteers from EVG and Paya Lebar High School had did so many meaningful and genuine benefit for the lives in Phuong Thinh. Namely: visiting poor households, teaching English to children, fixing 3 classrooms, making 1km road.

In the first day in this commune, the volunteers immediately threw themselves in the hard-working routine of the project. They, first, came and visited poor households in the area. In which, not only did they gave away in need facilities to the families but they also built a loving connection with the people in Phuong Thinh – those they would help during their stay.

Visiting poor households

Visiting poor households

In the next days, the volunteers opened several Engligh classes for the children which gave a good impression to Phuong Thinh’s people, especially, the young ones. With active and friendly education methods, the classed had attracted many young students to join enthusiastically.

Also in Project SHINE, they had fixed and re-furnished 3 in order to create a comfortable and safe study environment for the students. Troubles were inevitable due to lack of experiences and other objective factors, yet, our volunteer were forbearing and determine to complete their jobs as best as possible.

This spirit was even higher and stronger when the volunteers making the road for Phuong Thinh commune. Under the burning summer sun, the girls from trường Paya Lebar High School together with volunteers form EVG had completed 1km road with the hope that there would be no more accident in the old slippery road during monsoon seasons.

Putting all their effort in completing the road.

Putting all their effort in completing the road.

Beside all the daily works during the project, the volunteers of project Shine also organized a culture exchange night with Phuong Thinh commune. Songs were sang in harmorny of new friendship and food was shared with family love .This marked the started of a long term and precious friendship between EVG volunteers and Singaporean volunteers as well as the lovely people in Phuong Thinh commune, the friendship that they will cheerish for their whole lives.

Everyone is having fun in the warm of the fire camp – on one summer night.

Everyone is having fun in the warm of the fire camp – on one summer night.

The last day finally came, saying goodbye to Phuong Thinh commune with the promise to come back , our volunteers headed to Cu Chi Tunnel and several famous spots in Ho Chi Minh City – The Notre Dame Church, War remnant museum and Ben Thanh Market. Thanked to which, we had a chance to introduce Vietnamese history and culture to our Singaporean friends.

Visiting the Notre Dame Church

Visiting the Notre Dame Church

Closing one week full of voluntarism spirit and hard works, there were time of tiredness and dispiritedness; however, our volunteers with their loving heart, undefeatable determination had portrayed the much inspirational image of a true volunteer. It is the unwavering, energetic, forbearing   and compassionate spirit.

Departed from the project, what left in each volunteer’s shoulder was not just a backpack but also the priceless lessons and friendships they gained from this experience, which , they will carry for the rest of their lives.

1201 – Home With A Heart Project

In 2012, ECO Vietnam Group (EVG) has collaborated with the Saint ‘Andrew Junior College (SAJC) – a long-term partner of EVG successfully implement  the project “Home with a Heart” at Gia Bac commune, Di Linh District, Lam Dong province. This project is a continuation of Project READ with the main purpose is to add support for the Gia Bac community Library. With the participation of more than 30 volunteers from Singapore and  Vietnam, within just a few short days, they have brought  the practical support and significance actions to the community . Thereby, the volunteers also learn a lot of experience, more capital increases life for myself.

The first day of the project,  Vietnamese volunteers and Singaporean volunteers had the opportunity to meet and get to know each other in the intimate and fun atmosphere  at Tan Son Nhat airport, promising for a long tired journey  but always happy.

404197_10150503915647512_1511966484_nEmbark on the implementation of the project activities, the volunteers had a chance to test their strength with the hard work of a builder such as coating cement, painting and repairing Gia Bac Community Library. In difficult weather conditions, though they always tired to work, but when thinking about the meaning of their work to bring this highland, the volunteers  tried their best to complete the job.


375384_10150520335387512_802017511_8656969_33791443_nDuring this trip, the volunteers  had a better understanding of young children through activities to enhance knowledge for local children such as teaching English and playing with the children.

381533_10150503969727512_802017511_8605769_358945490_nEnd of trip, the volunteers had to remodel the Gia Bac community Library and helped children reach English.

Back home, the end of the project, each volunteer  have their own emotions. It is the remembers about the days working together, is happiness because what I did  positive results. Parting each other,  volunteers  will never forget Gia Bac Highland along with memories that will be the baggage  for your lifetime. John Lennon said “A dream you dream alone is only a dream. And dream you dream with others is a reality. “Then you are ready to join us to do a significant dream!

395002_10150483130246134_1071006907_n (1)

1105 – Step Up Project

In November 2012, STEP UP is the initial campaign of the year in the Overseas Community Involvement Project (OCIP), a cooperated annual activity between EVG and Singapore educational institutions. This is our third time to hold Nanyang Girl’s High School in Phuong Thinh rural area, Dong Thap province.


This time, EVG was pleased to collaborate with 6 teachers and 39 students from Nanyang Girl’s High school. Before departing to Phuong Thinh destination, our local volunteers together with participants from Singapore were warmed up by some interesting activities in Ho Chi Minh city.

The first place in the city tour was the War Remnants Museum, a renowned attraction that contains exhibits relating to the American phase of the Vietnam War. In addition, in order to give our Singaporean fellows an insight into Vietnamese school life, we decided to visit Ba Dinh Secondary school in district 7 and indeed had a cozy culture exchange there. The city tour in HCMC was not only enjoyable but also gave the foreigner volunteers a great chance to explore more about Vietnam.

Step Up team in War Remnants Museum

Step Up team in War Remnants Museum

Memorable time with Ba Dinh Secondary students

Memorable time with Ba Dinh Secondary students

In the dawn of November 19th, after a two-hour car trip, we arrived at peaceful Phuong Thinh rural area.

From November 20th-24th:

With the intent to reach the targeted goals, all tasks were divided up among 6 different groups. In other words, each group was in charge with a main duty such as building  houses for a poor families, teaching English for young children, planting trees along roads, preparing meals at home and consolidating the road surface. In addition, tasks were switched between teams everyday so that everyone could experience and contribute to different parts of work.  Through daily life, the local people here and our Step Up team were getting closer to each other and somehow, we felt like we were living in another big family!

Who says girls cannot build house?

Who says girls cannot build house?

After 4 days straight of hard-working and devotion, we were surprised by our own achievements, remarkably was the reinforcement of 2 houses, 150 planted trees along the road, the consolidation of village roads and above all was the happiness of Phuong Thinh citizens. Little was our contribution to the wealth of this needy remote area, yet we have brought here the belief for a brighter future.

Young children were very fond of studying English with us!

Young children were very fond of studying English with us!


1103 – Pass On Project

The project called PASS ON. True to its name this meaningful project includes a series of activities connected with the desire to achieve results from the RISE project. Occur within 6 days 31/05/2011-05/06/2011, along with 29 high school students  Hwa You Chong, 12  EVG volunteers, the project provided a lot of supports to the local, especially children, through practical and highly effective activities such as teaching and assisting the work of the local people Thinh Phuong commune, Cao Lanh district in Dong Thap


1. Participate in meetings organized by local committee

Through a long way to Phuong Tinh, everyone seemed tired. However, this feeling quickly passed when we saw what the local government has prepared for the union: a cozy gathering at the headquarters of the People’s Committees of communes. We received the heartfelt thanks as well as provide information about the actual condition of Phuong Thinh, local changes from the most recent project of EVG.


2. Mending schools, cleaning classrooms

The work was conducted in two days 1 and 2/6. With the guidance of the local people, the volunteers in the group had an unforgettable experience. Crossing over 10km journey by boat to reach Phuong Thinh II primary school, this is the first time we traveled by this means. The initial fear was replaced by sympathy with the struggle of students wanting to go to school here.

On that day, thanks to all the energetic of everyone,  we have finished cleaning, scrubbing and sanding primer the entire door and iron railings, paint the entire outside wall and inside the room school; rearrange entire furniture. Although everyone is sweating on the environment but are beaming smile knowing that the next day, the students will be learning in the bright and clean classrooms


3. Teaching

Innocent face, her eyes filled with excitement, the kids were listening intently to every word of the lecture of the volunteer about English lessons with subject: “Body Parts” and “dish food, drinks and fruit. “Standing in front these kids, the volunteers tried their best to convey a fairly easy way to lessons with the children in all patience and love. Though not much time teaching, but we’re glad to see that we have to arouse passion in their academic.


Helping with local’s work

Helping with local’s work

4. Visit local houses

The group had visited poor families in Phuong Thinh. The volunteers did not mind the distance to each house to give small gifts were prepared. They talked, shared with local people for the purpose of better understanding the difficulties of their thoughts. Through these conversations the relationship between volunteers and people have become a lot closer.


Cultural Night

Cultural Night

On the last day, as we saw off the Singaporean, everyone was sad. Across the tears, handshakes, hugs close … But while waving goodbye from deep heart, people believe that day will soon meet again.

The project gives volunteers meaningful memories, the memories will surely follow them throughout their lives.

Sincere feelings of the volunteers had to be with the locals. From the initial shyness, they were open, ready to trust, love and sharing.

With all the activities taken together, we make sure that the project has contributed to building relationships deep emotional attachment between people from two countries: Vietnam, Singapore. And: “We’ll meet again, some day.”


What is OSL?

I. What is OSL?

OSL stands for Overseas Service Learning.
It is a program from Foreigner’ schools and Universities, in which, a group of elected and trained students are send to developing countries to do community projects. This model is preferred as Service Learning. This is why OSL project is called Overseas Service Learning Projects.

OCIP is a not-unfamiliar phrase with oversea students.

OCIP is a not-unfamiliar phrase with oversea students.

ECO Vietnam Group is proud to be the host for these projects in Vietnam since we were first established in 2009. Together with our partners from Singapore, we have made more than 20 successful OSL projects in poor regions and ethnic minority communities around Vietnam to make a better life and education in these areas.

OSL projects also have another name such as Regional Community Involvement Project or Overseas Service Learning where overseas students to come to Vietnam for providing the support and at the same time to learn from the community. It strictly follow the model called Service Learning.

II. What we have done

In each OCIP, our partners and we have worked for months of research (includes reece trips), preparation and training to come up with the best plan and the best solution for our 2 weeks working in the chosen region.
Since each OCIP has different targets, each with different needs, therefore our projects serve various causes depend on the actual needs of these areas.
For more than 3 years, our Singaporean and Vietnamese volunteers (all are students) have done many jobs from painting classrooms, repairing houses to building roads, kitchens, houses, toilets, and teaching as well, etc.

Harvesting coffee bean in Youth Project.

Harvesting coffee bean in Youth Project.

III. Where have we been?

+  GiaBắc commune , Di Linh, LâmĐồng province , Vietnam

+  PhươngThịnh commune,Cao Lãnh, ĐồngTháp province, Vietnam

+  TânQuới commune , ThanhBình, ĐồngTháp province, Vietnam

+  An Hiệp commune, Ba Tri, Bến Tre provine, Vietnam

+  Lộc Khánh Commune, Lộc Ninh, Bình Phước province, Vietnam

Girls from Paya Lebar Methodist School were building road in Phuong Thinh Commune (Dong Thap province).

Girls from Paya Lebar Methodist School were building road in Phuong Thinh Commune (Dong Thap province).

IV.   Who have we worked with?


+ Nanyang Technological University
+ National University of Singapore
+ Singapore Management University
+ National Institute of Education

High schools:

+ Hwa Chong Junior College
+ Saint Andrew Junior College
+ Dunman High School

Secondary schools:

+ PayaLebar Methodist School
+ Nanyang Girl High School

During our five years in action, 1,037 Singaporean students and 708 Vietnamese young people have participated in our projects, with a total spending of 286,739 USD for contributing to community service and education. We have received awards and merit certificates from the government for numerous projects. More than 700 Singaporean teachers and students, 200 Vietnamese volunteers, 30 ECO Vietnam Group members.

Teaching English for children.

Teaching English for children.

v. What have we got?

Through these projects, our young generation of Singaporean and Vietnamese students has had the opportunity to experience a new –different world, to adapt into a different life routine to make friends across countries, to understand, learn and grow together.

Thanks to all the life lessons they achieve from the people they served, from their teachers, EVG’s advisor, their friends and also their self’s criticism during the project, these volunteers have become more confident, responsible and extremely enthusiastic with community service.

They were working very hard like real briklayers!

They were working very hard like real briklayers! – Building the IT room for Gia Bac secondary school


[Until 7/2012]

1 IT library room values more than 100 million VND for a Secondary School in Gia Bac commune.
+ 1 school-yard (800 meter square) for a secondary school in Tan Quoi Commune.
+  3.5km road.
+  5 kitchens.
+  3 ECO Love Houses for the poor in Phuong Thinh commune.
+ 500 trees.
+ 1000 kg rice for the poor.
+ 1,325,500,000VND
+ 3 Letters of Appreciation from Committee of Vietnam Fatherland Front – Cao Lanh District, the People Committee- Phuong Thinh Commune and Association of Vietnamese Youth League – Cao Lanh District.

OCIPs 2009 – 1/ 2013

OCIPs 2009 – 1/ 2013



Be A Guardian

Be A Guardian

I. About the programme The Be a Guardian Programme is the brainchild of ECO Vietnam Group, and one of its largest and most long-tem projects. This programme aims to sponsor the education of bright and capable Vietnamese children facing financial difficulties with the help of individual or corporate donors. 2011 marks the pioneer year of this project. Starting small, the project now aims at supporting 9th Grade students graduating from Gia Bac Secondary School in the Gia Bac Commune, Di Linh District, Lam Dong Province, Vietnam. The long-term objective, however, is to support indigent but academically gifted students all over Vietnam. The programme takes on a 3-step approach:



II. The reason of creating this project

The BAG Programme has been set up in Gia Bac, Vietnam, where it will help to see children through education. Owing to government efforts, children in Gia Bac receive basic schooling at the local school for free. However, this level of education (up till Grade 9) is insufficient for Gia Bac students to qualify for university and obtain a degree that would help pull their families out of generations-old poverty. To do so, children have to be allowed to continue high school in the nearby Di Linh town, whereupon they would begin studying for university entrance exams. Gia Bac families are more often than not too poor to send their children off to school in Di Linh town, and the inadequate schooling they receive in the village leaves them mired in poverty. Some parents thus view education as a burden rather than a privilege, for if their education is not enough to grant them university admission and thus greater employability out of the village, in townships or cities, it makes more economic sense for students to drop out of school to work instead of studying. The “Be a Guardian” Programme therefore steps in to empower students with the funds they need to attend school in Di Linh town, thereby helping them secure a brighter future. The presence of such a programme would also alter the attitudes toward education in the village, for parents would be able to view education as a merit rather than a burden. This would allow parents to aspire for further education for their children, creating a conducive learning environment in the village.

BAG’s members, in corporation with sponsors, will solve educational issues in Gia Bac village, to help people there have better and brighter future.

III. The sponsorship 1.  The child that we sponsored :    

Biography of Child: Ka N Hien

PERSONAL INFORMATION Full name                  : Ka N Hien Date of birth            : 2 Nov, 1996 Place of birth            : Gia Bac Commune, Di Linh Dist., Lam Dong Province Gender                      : Female Permanent address : Nao Se Hamlet, Gia Bac Commune, Di Linh Dist., Lam Dong Province, Vietnam FAMILY

  • There are 5 members in Hien’s family, including parents and  4 children .
  • Hien’s parents work not only on their farm, but also for others in order to earn sufficient money for the family
  • Being the eldest sister, Hien has to bear the responsibility for working on farm, taking care of her siblings, as well as doing housework to help her parents.
  • Her parents hope that their daughter can pursues her studies; however, they cannot afford to support her within 3 year study in Di Linh.


  • Graduated from Gia Bac Secondary School, Gia Bac Commune, Di Linh Dist., Lam Dong Province with overall grade: 7.7 (top ten in her class)
  • According to her teacher, Hien is an industrious and diligent student, she is also aware of important role of studying.


  • She wants to be a tour guide in the future.
  • Receiving the sponsorship will help her bring her dream to reality.


Biography of Child: K’Cuong

PERSONAL INFORMATION Full name                  : K’ Cuong Date of birth            : 25 Apr, 1994 Place of birth            : Gia Bac Commune, Di Linh Dist., Lam Dong Province Gender                      : Male Permanent address: Da Hoong Hamlet, Gia Bac Commune, Di Linh Dist., Lam Dong Province, Vietnam FAMILY

  • There are 6 children in Cuong’s family. Of which, 3 childen still go to school. Two elder and one younger childen quitted their study and went to work.
  • Cuong is the third child. Cuong and Huong, his younger sister, studied at the same grade and just finished secondary school.
  • Their family can afford for only 1 child go to high school and they decided to support for Huong.
  • His father has leg’s hurt so his mother is bread-winner.
  • Cuong’s family has fields for planting corn in 2 seasons per year. So in some period of time, there is no work in fields and they have to work for other employers. Normally, they go to Di Linh town to work about 2 or 3 days/ time.
  • In free time, Cuong also went to work to earn more money for their family.


  • Graduated from Gia Bac Secondary School, Gia Bac Commune, Di Linh Dist., Lam Dong Province with overall grade: 7.9 (Good degree)
  • Being a monitor in his class in secondary school


  • Dream to become a football player
  • If he receives the scholarship, he will try to study and graduate from high school.

2. Sponsorship costs :

Sponsorship costs
No. of years Each month Number of months Total amount
1 year 800,000 12 9,600,000
3 years 800,000 36 28,800,000

We believe that the parents of the sponsored children should share some responsibility for their children’s education. Thus, we hope to get a sponsorship of 800,000 VND every month to help the parents through their children’s course of education in Di Linh town. IV. The way we carry out this project





Evaluate the effectiveness of using scholarship – Report to Sponsors

As a sponsor:

  • Give student the scholarships valued 55SGD or 45 USD per month (12 months/ year)
  • Maintain the scholarships for student during his/ her studying at high school (3 years)
  • In case you stop scholarship sooner, you need to advice us 3 months in advance
  • If you have any further questions, please contact us through email: ecovietnamgroup@gmail.com or follow this link: https://ecovietnamgroup.com/be-our-sponsor/