1301 – Book Flight Project

IMG_5232Held by EVG and SAJC’s alumni, the main purpose of this project is that to study and spread out “Service Learning” s spirit to the youth.

The drainage system had been built for the library, the English and hygiene curriculums had been held for children, the Gia Bac’ s daily life report had been given by interviewing to local people and the geographic map of Gia Bac had been made as well …These are being some of related activities according to above mentioned project.

catsThe most outstanding activity was the English class for Gia Bac s children with all teachers are young volunteers from Singapore and Vietnam. The children had been familiarized with English alphabet and numbering table, it sounds very simply but both teachers and students had to work engrossed and studious together. To make the lessons to be more interesting and easier to remember, the “teachers” had organized lots of related activities such as to sing and dance about alphabet and numeric table ,using body language to describe alphabet , doing exercised games… After overcoming the language and culture barriers, teacher and student have had an unforgettable time together.


oijWe cannot neglect to mention the cleaning toilet curriculum in one primary school , the Singapore volunteers had finished their job excellently.






1206 – Crayon Project

From 17/11 to 29/112012, ECO Vietnam Group (EVG) School was in collaboration with Singapore’s Nanyang Girl’s High School to implement the project “Crayon” at  Phuong Thinh commune, Cao Lanh district, Dong Thap province. This trip has brought the community the  support by many practical and meaningful works, which lead to the a better life of the resident in this area.

On 11.17.2012, the reception and meet was in the friendly atmosphere, between Vietnamese and Singaporean volunteers at Tan Son Nhat airport.

The meeting at Tan Son Nhat airport

The meeting at Tan Son Nhat airport

On the morning of 18/11/2012, the volunteers had a cordial exchange with the students of Dong Thap University before starting this project at Phuong Thinh.

Celebrating student exchanges with the University of Dong Thap

Celebrating student exchanges with the University of Dong Thap

When the project started, with hearts filled with passion, enthusiasm, the volunteers worked very hard. In spite of  facing with the severe weather’s condition or doing the hard work such as leveling of the road, scattered rocks, mixed lake, build a house …, the volunteers did not flinch, give up.

The girls was eager to work to build ECO Love House

The girls was eager to work to build ECO Love House

Harry (EVG Advisor) was mortaring with happiness showed all over his face

Harry (EVG Advisor) was mortaring with happiness showed all over his face

The volunteers are actively building house

The volunteers are actively building house

Besides paving stones serving the vehicles and building ECO Love House, the volunteers also planted the trees, taught English to students in elementary school … It was just little things but it was the motivation for the children go to school here.


Razing to the ground for the paving stones for convenient travel

Razing to the ground for the paving stones for convenient travel

During this trip, the volunteers visited and gave 3 gifts for the poor in the village. That make the poor believe and hope for a better life, besides, volunteers also understood and sympathized with the one who have an unfortunate life.

In addition to the hours of hard working, the volunteers accumulated for themselves experience, knowledge and mutual understanding, how to work with each other in the team from the exchange.

Capture memories together

Capture memories together

“Crayon” in the spirit of “Going to serve, go to school and go to change” even if was just only for a 2 week period, but what you had done volunteer will forever etched in Phuong Thinh people’s mind. This trip was really shot but it leave in volunteers the memorable values, experiences, lessons for the rest of their life.









1107 – English Teaching Project

In 2011, ECO Vietnam Group (EVG) with the help of the Singapore’s National Institute of Education (NIE) had successfully conducted an education project named- “English Teaching” in Hoa Mau Don Open house in Tân Phú District, HCMC Vietnam. In this project, EVG volunteers worked closely with 12 college students from Singapore to teach English to the children in the Open House, whose English knowledge at the time was very little.

This project offered a change to a better future for the children, since English has become more and more important in Vietnam nowadays. We hope that giving this English education project will improve their English skill. As a paid back for all the tireless efforts from the volunteers, the students were hard working and eager to learn more. This positive response became the motivation for all the volunteers to make this project success.

In addition, the volunteers also cooked for the Open House frequently. They understood how important it was for their students to have meals to be healthy and able to study in their best shape and also it was a precious memory to them -seeing how joyful and happy the children were having a delicious meal with all of their favourite foods.

On the other hand, in free time, our volunteers organized games for the kids and played with them. They shared it made them feel so happy and much younger while playing with their student. Those free time games was the best way to relax after long period of teaching and learning English for all of the volunteers and their little students.

Even though what the volunteers did was just a small contribution to make their students’ futures a bit brighter but the meaning and the love behind all of those action were viral. They had succeeded to teach the students- not only English- but also- the importance in having a solid education base to grow bigger in life. This project was also a proof for the children in Hoa Mau Don Open House that there were still people care for them , love them and willing to help them.

After the project, all the volunteers still keep in touch with the children they taught, in a short period of time, they had grown into each other with all the memories they shared, all the fun they had. Therefore, “Goodbye” is not an option. The volunteers will always remember children in Hoa Mau Don Open House and the children will miss their teachers, certainly.

1103 – Pass On Project

The project called PASS ON. True to its name this meaningful project includes a series of activities connected with the desire to achieve results from the RISE project. Occur within 6 days 31/05/2011-05/06/2011, along with 29 high school students  Hwa You Chong, 12  EVG volunteers, the project provided a lot of supports to the local, especially children, through practical and highly effective activities such as teaching and assisting the work of the local people Thinh Phuong commune, Cao Lanh district in Dong Thap


1. Participate in meetings organized by local committee

Through a long way to Phuong Tinh, everyone seemed tired. However, this feeling quickly passed when we saw what the local government has prepared for the union: a cozy gathering at the headquarters of the People’s Committees of communes. We received the heartfelt thanks as well as provide information about the actual condition of Phuong Thinh, local changes from the most recent project of EVG.


2. Mending schools, cleaning classrooms

The work was conducted in two days 1 and 2/6. With the guidance of the local people, the volunteers in the group had an unforgettable experience. Crossing over 10km journey by boat to reach Phuong Thinh II primary school, this is the first time we traveled by this means. The initial fear was replaced by sympathy with the struggle of students wanting to go to school here.

On that day, thanks to all the energetic of everyone,  we have finished cleaning, scrubbing and sanding primer the entire door and iron railings, paint the entire outside wall and inside the room school; rearrange entire furniture. Although everyone is sweating on the environment but are beaming smile knowing that the next day, the students will be learning in the bright and clean classrooms


3. Teaching

Innocent face, her eyes filled with excitement, the kids were listening intently to every word of the lecture of the volunteer about English lessons with subject: “Body Parts” and “dish food, drinks and fruit. “Standing in front these kids, the volunteers tried their best to convey a fairly easy way to lessons with the children in all patience and love. Though not much time teaching, but we’re glad to see that we have to arouse passion in their academic.


Helping with local’s work

Helping with local’s work

4. Visit local houses

The group had visited poor families in Phuong Thinh. The volunteers did not mind the distance to each house to give small gifts were prepared. They talked, shared with local people for the purpose of better understanding the difficulties of their thoughts. Through these conversations the relationship between volunteers and people have become a lot closer.


Cultural Night

Cultural Night

On the last day, as we saw off the Singaporean, everyone was sad. Across the tears, handshakes, hugs close … But while waving goodbye from deep heart, people believe that day will soon meet again.

The project gives volunteers meaningful memories, the memories will surely follow them throughout their lives.

Sincere feelings of the volunteers had to be with the locals. From the initial shyness, they were open, ready to trust, love and sharing.

With all the activities taken together, we make sure that the project has contributed to building relationships deep emotional attachment between people from two countries: Vietnam, Singapore. And: “We’ll meet again, some day.”