1201 – Home With A Heart Project

In 2012, ECO Vietnam Group (EVG) has collaborated with the Saint ‘Andrew Junior College (SAJC) – a long-term partner of EVG successfully implement  the project “Home with a Heart” at Gia Bac commune, Di Linh District, Lam Dong province. This project is a continuation of Project READ with the main purpose is to add support for the Gia Bac community Library. With the participation of more than 30 volunteers from Singapore and  Vietnam, within just a few short days, they have brought  the practical support and significance actions to the community . Thereby, the volunteers also learn a lot of experience, more capital increases life for myself.

The first day of the project,  Vietnamese volunteers and Singaporean volunteers had the opportunity to meet and get to know each other in the intimate and fun atmosphere  at Tan Son Nhat airport, promising for a long tired journey  but always happy.

404197_10150503915647512_1511966484_nEmbark on the implementation of the project activities, the volunteers had a chance to test their strength with the hard work of a builder such as coating cement, painting and repairing Gia Bac Community Library. In difficult weather conditions, though they always tired to work, but when thinking about the meaning of their work to bring this highland, the volunteers  tried their best to complete the job.


375384_10150520335387512_802017511_8656969_33791443_nDuring this trip, the volunteers  had a better understanding of young children through activities to enhance knowledge for local children such as teaching English and playing with the children.

381533_10150503969727512_802017511_8605769_358945490_nEnd of trip, the volunteers had to remodel the Gia Bac community Library and helped children reach English.

Back home, the end of the project, each volunteer  have their own emotions. It is the remembers about the days working together, is happiness because what I did  positive results. Parting each other,  volunteers  will never forget Gia Bac Highland along with memories that will be the baggage  for your lifetime. John Lennon said “A dream you dream alone is only a dream. And dream you dream with others is a reality. “Then you are ready to join us to do a significant dream!

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1106 – R.E.A.D Project

By the end of the month 11, when project “Step up” had just ended, but other projects have also started, EVG go on with the journey of meaningful projects!

In the past week, from 27.11 to 2.12 Gia Bac was pleased to welcome Vietnamese students and the Saint Andrew’s Junior College (SAJC) – Singapore and the Singapore Management University (SMU) on project READ, Gia Bac, Di Linh district, Lam Dong. Our project’s objective is to build native libraries for students in Gia Bac to improve education , enabling them to enhance their knowledge. This is also the beginning of the project construction plan “community center” for GiaBac long term support.

P1110736Frist activity was to visit and learn about the area they would work in the coming days.

On the next working day, these volunteers knitted bamboo doors for libraries; building walls from local soil. With the goal to be environment friendly, preserve ethnic culture, the material for  library construction were taken from Giabac nature (bamboo, local red-soil mixed with a binder).

gb2011_1Knitting not only requires technical level, thoroughness and ingenious, but it also takes too much time. On the first time everything was completely new, but the problems encountered errors, mechanical errors motifs remake to be removed, or injured by sharp bamboo but in a day when they’re done properly a sample bamboo just as guidance. It contributes to retaining cultural of ethnic K’Ho, Gia Bac

gb2011_2Also in recent days, with the program “House for Hope”, in order to separate the kitchen from the main house, ensuring health and safety in cooking, these volunteers would have to work together very seriously hard to catch up and complete kitchen.


gb2011_5Besides the activities of the project, the volunteers also helped local people on coffee harvest.

gb2011_3Stay tuned for next journey !!

1004 – EDU Project


November and December are always the rush months for OCIP projects of ECO Vietnam group. Therefore,this time, EVG welcomed a group students of Saint Andrew’s Junior College (SAJC) from Singapore at the last days of year 2010 (27/11 – 10/12/2010). They spent their holiday to come to Gia Bac commune, Di Linh district, Lam Dong province. However, it certainly doesn’t take their happiness off, something would be waiting them in the coming journey.

The first picture of SAJC when they had just been at Tan Son Nhat airport.

The first picture of SAJC when they had just been at Tan Son Nhat airport.

After a short break, they continued to go to Gia Bac commune by coach immediately because lots of works needed to do. With a busy schedule, everyone was so tired but they are full of laughing and stories about the next place.

This project was named “EDU” showing all the meanings. OCIP projects care about educational improvement. The problems of this local couldn’t be solved in a short time, the major mission was to help the children – the next generation – develop their best abilities, then they can help their countries better. So the English classes for kids were very important. Next day, they used humor of sense and body language to explain English words, that made class was more exciting and so funny. The SAJC students also tried to use Vietnamese – with the help of Vietnamese volunteers – to make kids understand clearlier.

The children paid their attention to the English lesson.

The children paid their attention to the English lesson.

The main point of this project was to built Internet Technology classroom for Gia Bac Secondary School, Di Linh district, Lam Dong province, valued approximately 100 million VND. It sounded something was a normal work, but all steps such as building foundation … were made by Singapore students. Even almost of them were girls. What the great girls !

They were working very hard like real briklayers!

They were working very hard like real briklayers!

Beside the main duty, they and local people also did some other works like farmers. At the Lam Dong highland, coffee tree is a special plant and even their living. At the time SAJC students been here, it was the harvesting coffee time. Boys and girls gathered coffee so clumsy, but that would be a interesting memory. There was an excited chance which it’s hard to experience in Singapore.

We can drink coffee, now we can harvest coffee!

We can drink coffee, now we can harvest coffee!

After hard working in the daytime, the performance night was a great chance which couldn’t miss. SAJC students and the children tried to have the best shows for Culture Night with plentiful and hot items. The kids worn traditional ethnic dresses performing so lovely and natural. And the students showed a modern dance looked very nice. That night was full of laughing and cheering. All of people looked like a big family, and the language gap was not a real matter anymore.

The performance was so exciting at the culture night.

The performance was so exciting at the culture night.

When the building was finished near, the seperation day was closer. After hard-working days together, the feeling greeted our “brainchild” so happy.  This happiness didn’t belong to only ECO Vietnam group and Di Linh leaders, but also the children. That room would be a convinient place to study technology. We had just finished project EDU, but we would see you again at the closest day in the future. The ahead journey always welcome young hearts to make future lives more beautiful.

Leaders of Di Linh district and SAJC teachers, students were at the opening day of IT room – Dec 7th, 2010.

Leaders of Di Linh district and SAJC teachers, students were at the opening day of IT room – Dec 7th, 2010.