1107 – English Teaching Project

In 2011, ECO Vietnam Group (EVG) with the help of the Singapore’s National Institute of Education (NIE) had successfully conducted an education project named- “English Teaching” in Hoa Mau Don Open house in Tân Phú District, HCMC Vietnam. In this project, EVG volunteers worked closely with 12 college students from Singapore to teach English to the children in the Open House, whose English knowledge at the time was very little.

This project offered a change to a better future for the children, since English has become more and more important in Vietnam nowadays. We hope that giving this English education project will improve their English skill. As a paid back for all the tireless efforts from the volunteers, the students were hard working and eager to learn more. This positive response became the motivation for all the volunteers to make this project success.

In addition, the volunteers also cooked for the Open House frequently. They understood how important it was for their students to have meals to be healthy and able to study in their best shape and also it was a precious memory to them -seeing how joyful and happy the children were having a delicious meal with all of their favourite foods.

On the other hand, in free time, our volunteers organized games for the kids and played with them. They shared it made them feel so happy and much younger while playing with their student. Those free time games was the best way to relax after long period of teaching and learning English for all of the volunteers and their little students.

Even though what the volunteers did was just a small contribution to make their students’ futures a bit brighter but the meaning and the love behind all of those action were viral. They had succeeded to teach the students- not only English- but also- the importance in having a solid education base to grow bigger in life. This project was also a proof for the children in Hoa Mau Don Open House that there were still people care for them , love them and willing to help them.

After the project, all the volunteers still keep in touch with the children they taught, in a short period of time, they had grown into each other with all the memories they shared, all the fun they had. Therefore, “Goodbye” is not an option. The volunteers will always remember children in Hoa Mau Don Open House and the children will miss their teachers, certainly.

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