Project 1608 :”JUMP UP”

  1. General:
  • Name of project: Jump up
  • Time: 23/5 – 5/62016
  • Location: Phong Thanh commune, Cau Ke, Tra Vinh province.
  • Participants: 3 EVG supervisor
  • 28 Singaporean ( OVE hall 12, NTU) + 5 Vietnamese (volunteer)
  • Main roles:

+ Teaching English.

+ Build up playground.

+ Visiting poor households.

+ Housing.

+ Culture exchange.


  1. Detail:



  • 14:15:Mr Harry and 1 supervisor from EVG + 3 volunteers gather in Tan Son Nhat airport.
  • 14:30: greet Singaporean team (Steam) + take picture.
  • 15:00: depart to Phong Thanh.
  • 17:00: dinner
  • 20:00 – 21:30: clean the accomodation, restrooms and take relax.

24/5 – 03/6:

During 11 days: playground building, teaching, housing, culture exchange and poor house visiting.

  1. Playground building

For us, playground building is totally new but attractive. Although we prepared knowledge carefully, we face with many hardship and confusion. However, we put all forth and contribute almost the playground for Phong Thanh’s children.


This work is divided into some steps.

Step 1: wood preprocessing, rope tightening.

Step 2: tire painting.

Step 3: assemble and complete games.

For the first three day, we get difficulty of tools lacking and materials delay but later then, we spend at least 1h a day for replaning the routine that we mostly catch the right time for completing everything.




Besides that, it is difficult to use the machines for non – experienced volunteers. Nonetheless, we highly appreciate the support from EVG in hiring an expert and buying more tools for us.




In this project, we do learn much from each other. In some electronic failure days, both Steam and Vteam decide to take energy from nearby household. We are really good at team working and discussing. Thanks to this, our effort is more effective.

Weather is also an unexpected thing for us but all team members still stay strong and work hard. That is the memorable moments deepened in our hearts.



On the last day, we totally complete the swing, tire – mountain and we also check the safety and the using ability of them. Our time deserve the happiness and smiling of volunteers and children around




Teaching is considered as an important and full interactive activity that brings big experience for each member. The lessons and teaching tools are prepared carefully by Steam, Vteam support the teaching method and instruct for children.




In some days at the beginning, we are dissapointed and confused because of student quantity. It turns out the main reason that is rainy season so that families disagree for students to go to school. In more positive way, the number of student is markablly increasing later because of enthusiastic volunteers and interesting lessons.




  1. Housework

This is also an important activity in this project. Housework team has a chance to explore and experience local culture through going to the market with the cook, prepare for the meals. Besides, this activity includes cleaning living area and toilets. Comparing to two activities above, this is not hard but skilful and meticulous are in need. This is also the fist time of many S-team member on cleaning toilets or washing dishes, however, they did a good job. In addition, when we have free time, we talk to each other to get closer and know more about our team members.




 Libray Event

One of the successful tasks of this project is that event. We do organize and prepare everything of outdoor games and science activities. This event gets nearly 150 children and they are really happy as well as attracted.





  1. Sport exchange and fishing

This time is for relaxing. There is no doubt that sport exchange makes the good heath and raises the solidarity among people. Fishing also gets a lot of fun, especially for first time volunteers. After that, the communication and feeling are more closed, tight and warm.





  1. Culture Night


This is the exchange culture between both V-team, S-team 1608, 1610 and local people in Phong Thanh Commune. The performances are prepared and staged elaboratedly with the participant of non-professional actors has left many memories. The songs of the children are very cute, charming traditional dance, lively dance performances and collection of traditional costumes from all the volunteers were very impressive. The end of Cultrure Night are campfire, everybody dances ad takes photos together.




  1. What do we think about 1608 project

Firstly, this project brings us various kinds of experience of building the playground, some necessary skills such as team work, problem solving,… Morever, we have made good friendship, the love among co – workers.

Secondly, we desire to share about the pre trip thinking. We almost worry a lot: language barriers (with Steam), building skills,… some of us are afraid to see and work with different language strangers. However, we overcome successfully. At first, we are thankful for Steam attitude. They are so nice and friendly. Despite the hardships we face, they are always beside Vteam, help and encourage us to keep working, create the warm environment to tighten the human love and working responsibility. That also helps Vteam learn the solidarity and wonderful team work of Steam. We also appreciate our members – Vteam. For some first days, we get problem not to understand and share the emotion, thought,… But later then, we sit together and frankly feedback for each member through the openess and solidarity spirit that we believe each person has been better, not only for project target but also for individual character. In addition, we feel respectful for EVG members, Harry and many hiding people that always take care of us, support the solutions for us when we are in conflict, give us the good treat that we woud never forget.

Lastly, we just want to say: Thankyou for everything. We hope that future projects for community are more going up for both quality and quantity. We hope that our young life would be more meaningful when we are confident to join, talk, share and work for society. Once again, we believe we will see you soon! Thank you!.


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