Project 1609: “GREEN IT ON”


  1. Project overview


Program Date: May 23- June 6

Location: Hoa An commune, Tra Vinh province, Vietnam

Participants: 18 students from Nanyang Technological University –Hall 3 along with 4 Vietnamese volunteers (including 2 EVG members)



  • 6 Biogas


  • Teaching English for local students


GREEN ON IT is a community project in Hoa An, with the participation of 18 students of the Nanyang Technological University, 4 volunteers Vietnam including the support of two members of ECO Vietnam Group.

Project main task is to install a complete Biogas 6 bags for the local population; teaching English to children in primary schools as well as night Hoa An A cultural exchange and in Hoa An campfire.


At afternoon 23.05.2016, the group of volunteers in 1609 Yen (CEO EVG) is present at Tan Son Nhat airport to welcome groups of volunteers from the Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. Despite initial difficulties the volunteers Singapore trouble during check out, everyone was trying to calm each other and when you move off the lobby everyone together photography, marking the first moments the first project.


Everyone then depart to the Nam Giao restaurant for dinner. Two groups of volunteers from the two countries have made the first exchange group dinner then move on Dinh Phat hotel so that you can rest and tomorrow morning early departure to Tra Vinh.

On 05.24.2016, all depart to Hoa An commune. When we arrived, everyone got together helped make the living supplies, shelter and work together to clean up the bed as well as living areas. Although very tired after a long move, but people are still very active and aggressive and complete the job. During the welcoming ceremony the delegation, despite heavy rain caused many difficulties, but finally took place smoothly.



Followed by bonding gaming activities exchanges between the volunteers EVG intimate and Singapore, we show you how to sing children’s songs Vietnam and then you just leave us a country song about the you. In addition to the cultural exchanges between the two countries, we are still together, playing some games.


Working days in Hoa An Commune:

Construction work seems to be the most feared people but also the most exciting part. Afraid of having to face the new ones that all ever where we live without, fear of doing wrong techniques in the installation of biogas systems and making it inoperable, afraid to face unexpected situations and cannot be resolved because the installation is located quite far households committee. But in the end our worries were easing by Mr. Thanh (construction expert), pay attention because skilled workers in installing the bag Biogas- who always travel with us throughout the project. Thanks to note that initial fear we have gradually replaced with excitement, excited to start work. We have learned many new things from a dig, tighten the screw, mixing cement to observing the surrounding terrain to ensure the safety of the whole team when under construction. But during construction, you can see injuries as well as depressed because bad weather caused many disadvantages during the construction, but in the hearts of each person will have to promote ourselves we must try to overcome, completion the job. During the first half of the project, we have encountered many difficulties and problems very embarrassing, should only be installed 2 bags for household biogas, but after the sit down between the two teams, find out solutions, we have successfully completed their projects and the results exceeded our expectations. I believe that building work is left in the hearts of each of us an imprint and most profound lessons.




Besides that, teaching jobs are also very interesting. The timing of our projects are in the summer so most children will go out with family and others will support the family did not have time to go to school. So we get stuck in the number of children going to school too little leads to the spirit of the other children are no longer enthusiastic anymore. But not as such that we neglect, we still try our best to convey good lessons for the children, organized activities, games in the classroom to encourage and promote the eager school more collective. The volunteers teach them simple things, appropriate to their age and need for life lessons such as communication, colors, cars or body parts …



Besides students are taught lessons kids fun singing combined with cheerful games create excitement and harmony between the volunteers and the students. Though not much teaching time but the volunteers have worked hard to convey the importance of learning English for the children as well as help them experience and enjoy learning more English. Besides, the volunteers also learned from them how to pronounce some words Vietnamese and childish creativity, cute in the hearts of children. Last projects and student volunteers split in nostalgia and look forward to a longer learning together.


Besides teaching and construction team, who do housework are also important. The volunteers her to meet her two- kitchen, jointly assist her in the cooking for the whole group but we are not much but people are becoming more and more intimate. Despite the language barrier between her two huge but S-team and you can understand each other and work very intimate and fun. Besides the volunteers NTU also tasted the dishes only in Vietnam.



In addition, we also visited the Khmer temples, the monks were dedicated to introduce to us the marks left from hundreds of years ago and from that time the story is recalled



An Hoa people have enthusiastically organized activities and sports exchanges between the local union and, despite having to walk very far to the playground and in bad weather, but both groups are very excited and have an online meeting football was fun.


Besides the fun activities, our delegation also deeply impressed with the operations visited poor households. But the gift of giving union households not great but it’s a take heart our desire that they would be happier knowing other social concerns and always encouraged them to rise to the occasion can live better.



Culture Night:

Night Culture Night took place with many unique features of culture between Vietnam and Singapore. The two teamed with local students brought impressive performances, playful and contributed to the success of the night.





15 days of the project, while not long but not short, a new environment, new job and new friends have left us within your heart a lot of memories and profound lesson. The volunteers become attached EVG closer through reflection sessions for volunteers and Singapore too, we have to understand each other speak ki sat back to think and feel about our current issues that delegations are met. thereby fix and repair to complete the project better.


III. Feedbacks from volunteers: (Thao)

After participating in the project, I have learned and experienced many things that previously you never had the chance to face it. Although for myself I have not changed all that much, but my outlook towards life is now different. Kids learn teamwork, how to express thoughts, his feelings with people to solve difficult tasks or better. So after a meeting with the whole team EVG confession bags they were able to improve and continue his work better together as well as his experience and closer than before. Also during labor go, I also see in the sing you always have enthusiasm, learning. Whether you have been injured or tired, you still try to complete the work is unfinished. Moreover when you know the difficulty of EVG team is always ready to help you, but it seems that right from the start 2 team remained somewhat distance should not share with each other naturally. But after that project, everyone has to sit down and decide to share now is no longer a separate two teams, but only one team of volunteers are trying to complete the project with the highest possible effort. Have you tried to support each other in checking the logistic, courting each other in the set on time so as not to delay the work and encourage each other when trouble tired and sat down together to share the lesson or that you receive. To achieve 1609 results today, team bags they are also very grateful for the help from the organization, who have repeatedly supported the local down the bags they make these meetings to find a solution to solve the problem project that we are facing and thanks you so then we were able to understand each other better and work together to overcome difficulties and achieve before the results today. Also, thank you also helped me pay attention Thanh, job analysis in detail, as well as broader observations further to ensure the safety and still get the job done well. Besides the members of the team EVG you, I’m grateful to everyone for their help and always with you until the end of the project completed. Again, thank you so ECO Vietnam Group has created a very good environment for the young people like us are experiencing, is served as well as learn more from this community.

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