1003 – Youth Project


Youth Project is a 3rd project of ECO Vietnam Group, conducted in Gia Bac, Di Linh District, Lam Dong Province. The project was started from 9/2010 and officially took place from 19 to 11/31/2011. EVG Partner: Hwa Chong Junior College (HCJC). The students involved in the project HCJC Youth are a very young, from 17-19 years old. This trip was also the first time that you are known Gia Bac, and Vietnam.

During the project, they had helped to build a computer room for a local school.



Heleped local people collect fresh coffee. Everybody was so excited with this experience and could understand how hard the work of Vietnamese farmer is.

Joining in sport festival with Giabac students.


Teaching English is one of the most memoriable activity, as for both the group and the students of Giabac.


Youth project is done with a desire to motivate students in Gia Bac to access better education, to reach higher levels of education through teaching English and computer room construction, distribution the same building organizations active lifestyles for young people and cultural exchanges and contribute to preserve the traditional culture of Gia Bac.

Youth Project in collaboration with EDU project to build a computer room for Gia Bac Secondary School, worth 100,000,000 million with full equipment, computers. This is a first major step promises to help improve the quality of local education here, as well as promise a belief that GiaBac will eventually constantly evolving, no longer a wilderness, isolated more isolated.

Be A Guardian

Be A Guardian

I. About the programme The Be a Guardian Programme is the brainchild of ECO Vietnam Group, and one of its largest and most long-tem projects. This programme aims to sponsor the education of bright and capable Vietnamese children facing financial difficulties with the help of individual or corporate donors. 2011 marks the pioneer year of this project. Starting small, the project now aims at supporting 9th Grade students graduating from Gia Bac Secondary School in the Gia Bac Commune, Di Linh District, Lam Dong Province, Vietnam. The long-term objective, however, is to support indigent but academically gifted students all over Vietnam. The programme takes on a 3-step approach:



II. The reason of creating this project

The BAG Programme has been set up in Gia Bac, Vietnam, where it will help to see children through education. Owing to government efforts, children in Gia Bac receive basic schooling at the local school for free. However, this level of education (up till Grade 9) is insufficient for Gia Bac students to qualify for university and obtain a degree that would help pull their families out of generations-old poverty. To do so, children have to be allowed to continue high school in the nearby Di Linh town, whereupon they would begin studying for university entrance exams. Gia Bac families are more often than not too poor to send their children off to school in Di Linh town, and the inadequate schooling they receive in the village leaves them mired in poverty. Some parents thus view education as a burden rather than a privilege, for if their education is not enough to grant them university admission and thus greater employability out of the village, in townships or cities, it makes more economic sense for students to drop out of school to work instead of studying. The “Be a Guardian” Programme therefore steps in to empower students with the funds they need to attend school in Di Linh town, thereby helping them secure a brighter future. The presence of such a programme would also alter the attitudes toward education in the village, for parents would be able to view education as a merit rather than a burden. This would allow parents to aspire for further education for their children, creating a conducive learning environment in the village.

BAG’s members, in corporation with sponsors, will solve educational issues in Gia Bac village, to help people there have better and brighter future.

III. The sponsorship 1.  The child that we sponsored :    

Biography of Child: Ka N Hien

PERSONAL INFORMATION Full name                  : Ka N Hien Date of birth            : 2 Nov, 1996 Place of birth            : Gia Bac Commune, Di Linh Dist., Lam Dong Province Gender                      : Female Permanent address : Nao Se Hamlet, Gia Bac Commune, Di Linh Dist., Lam Dong Province, Vietnam FAMILY

  • There are 5 members in Hien’s family, including parents and  4 children .
  • Hien’s parents work not only on their farm, but also for others in order to earn sufficient money for the family
  • Being the eldest sister, Hien has to bear the responsibility for working on farm, taking care of her siblings, as well as doing housework to help her parents.
  • Her parents hope that their daughter can pursues her studies; however, they cannot afford to support her within 3 year study in Di Linh.


  • Graduated from Gia Bac Secondary School, Gia Bac Commune, Di Linh Dist., Lam Dong Province with overall grade: 7.7 (top ten in her class)
  • According to her teacher, Hien is an industrious and diligent student, she is also aware of important role of studying.


  • She wants to be a tour guide in the future.
  • Receiving the sponsorship will help her bring her dream to reality.


Biography of Child: K’Cuong

PERSONAL INFORMATION Full name                  : K’ Cuong Date of birth            : 25 Apr, 1994 Place of birth            : Gia Bac Commune, Di Linh Dist., Lam Dong Province Gender                      : Male Permanent address: Da Hoong Hamlet, Gia Bac Commune, Di Linh Dist., Lam Dong Province, Vietnam FAMILY

  • There are 6 children in Cuong’s family. Of which, 3 childen still go to school. Two elder and one younger childen quitted their study and went to work.
  • Cuong is the third child. Cuong and Huong, his younger sister, studied at the same grade and just finished secondary school.
  • Their family can afford for only 1 child go to high school and they decided to support for Huong.
  • His father has leg’s hurt so his mother is bread-winner.
  • Cuong’s family has fields for planting corn in 2 seasons per year. So in some period of time, there is no work in fields and they have to work for other employers. Normally, they go to Di Linh town to work about 2 or 3 days/ time.
  • In free time, Cuong also went to work to earn more money for their family.


  • Graduated from Gia Bac Secondary School, Gia Bac Commune, Di Linh Dist., Lam Dong Province with overall grade: 7.9 (Good degree)
  • Being a monitor in his class in secondary school


  • Dream to become a football player
  • If he receives the scholarship, he will try to study and graduate from high school.

2. Sponsorship costs :

Sponsorship costs
No. of years Each month Number of months Total amount
1 year 800,000 12 9,600,000
3 years 800,000 36 28,800,000

We believe that the parents of the sponsored children should share some responsibility for their children’s education. Thus, we hope to get a sponsorship of 800,000 VND every month to help the parents through their children’s course of education in Di Linh town. IV. The way we carry out this project





Evaluate the effectiveness of using scholarship – Report to Sponsors

As a sponsor:

  • Give student the scholarships valued 55SGD or 45 USD per month (12 months/ year)
  • Maintain the scholarships for student during his/ her studying at high school (3 years)
  • In case you stop scholarship sooner, you need to advice us 3 months in advance
  • If you have any further questions, please contact us through email: ecovietnamgroup@gmail.com or follow this link: https://ecovietnamgroup.com/be-our-sponsor/