Some educational activities at EVG Community Libraries.

    1. Law Class

Every Sunday afternoon, the EVG Community Library’s volunteers, who work in the field of Law, will hold classes for high school and secondary school students. They will have the opportunity to work together and find out how to look up legal documents and current documents on the Vietnamese Government’s Law Library website.

Besides, the students will discuss the articles, issues, and content of the Law on Gender Equality, the Labor Code, the Law on Road Traffic, the Anti-Abuse Law…

These lessons not only broaden the students’ horizons and give them a proper understanding of the law but also help them see the benefits from legal knowledge, which will enable them to defend themselves, and spark their interest in Law and Legal Studies. 

  1. English class for core students

With a desire to support students from disadvantaged and rural areas, Mr. Nguyen Van Quy, currently a teacher in Tay Ninh, has been spending three hours every week teaching students from the Library. 

The class attendees are the Library’s five core students, most of whom are in the sixth and eighth grades. The lessons are built on the book Discovery 1, which provides learners with foundation knowledge and helps them improve their listening and speaking skills. 

After three lessons, Mr. Quy spoke highly of the students’ fast learning capacity and serious attitude. However, the recent escalation of the COVID-19 pandemic has forced the class to be canceled. It is expected to be opened once the situation gets better.  

  1. Khmer dancing class

After foundational dancing lessons, Khmer dancing teachers of the Library will instruct students on how to stand and sit, to move their hands in sync with the tune and tempo of the songs. In Robam dance, facial expression is considered the key component.

    1. Gathering at the beginning of the month

On the first Sunday of every month, the Library will undertake recreational activities, review the previous month’s operation and offer rewards for the students who show great effort in their learning process and proactively participate in the Library’s activities.

Moreover, to bring about laughter and fond memories for the children, the EVG Community Library also organizes birthday parties for its members each month. At these parties, everybody will sing the Happy Birthday song, give their best wishes to the birthday girls and boys, and celebrate together, creating happy memories. Below is Ngan, who celebrated her birthday this month.

  1. The International Children’s Day June 1st

To establish a helpful playground for children, help them keep pleasant memories, and ensure their happiness on International Children’s Day, June 1st, the Library threw a small party for over 20 children. They played together, gave one another good wishes, then had a small party. That day, the children also learned about the meaning of International Children’s Day and its associated activities in Vietnam as well as all around the world.

Furthermore, the Library shared and explained to these children the activities it has been undertaking, thanks to the support and cooperation of its generous donors who have trusted and worked with the EVG to create a helpful playground for young students.

Besides, the Library still maintains its normal operation and lets the children in to play and read books. This year, the school year ended earlier so on average, roughly 20 children came to play, read and borrow books each day.

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