In 28/9/2015 ECO Vietnam Group organized the program “MID-AUTUMN FOR KIDS”  which is lead by President of ECO Vietnam Group – HARRY Pham Van Anh for more  than 400 students of Hoa An B primary school at Hoa An village, Cau Ke district, Tra Vinh Province. Hoa An is a poor village which has more than 30% of population are Khơ-me people. Therefore, people have a lot of difficulty and children have obstacles when going to school. This program is co-operated by volunteers who are students from many different  universities in Ho Chi Minh and people who used to work with ECO Vietnam Group. From one week before the beginning of the program, we have to prepare for all things.

We departed from Ho Chi Minh City from 2 a.m and arrived in Tra Vinh at 6.30 am. We stayed at People’s Committee of Hoa An commune and begin to prepare for all going activities during day.With the purpose to hold a joyful and meaningful Mid-Autumn Festival for children, we organized many activities .We set up many eventful childhood games which drew attention of a large number of students joining in such as “ Painting, blind to pop balloon, shooting ball to goal, etc”.


Moreover, we had a lantern competition between students to find out who make the most beautiful lantern and a gala night of Volunteer and local people with a lot of happiness. We delivered moon-cake for children and we can see the hilarity in their eyes. Especially, the comedy “ Thằng Cuội”  which was set the scence by the volunteers themselves brought the most fun to children.They were keen on watching and very interested in the performance. Besides, students at Hoa An B primary school also prepared special performances in this gala night





We hold a very successful Mid-Autumn program for children.With the help from many maecenas, we offered more than 400  gifts for students to support them in their studying.Children are over the moon that day.The smile in children’s face make us feel very happy.



This is a meaningful event that brings a lot of happiness to children, teachers and local people in the Mid-Autumn Festival in Hoa An commune.We had a unforgettable and meaningful memories about the Mid-autumn program together between volunteers. We had very happy time and precious moments.The volunteers devoted  for their own youth and we have a wonderful trip together even though we just meet the first time.More than words we can say, we are happy not only because of bringing happiness to children and people in Hoa An commune but also the friendship and the moments we are together.


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