1302 – Spring Sprout Project

Time: 28Apri-11Mayl(14 Days)

Place: An Hiep, Ben Tre

Members: 40 Students of FIDES- SMU


English Teaching

Built 800m2 of school yard

So Spring Sprout Project in An Hiep Commune , Ba Tri District , Ben Tre Province has entered the implementation of the first day . Maybe with any project , unfamiliarity , and new difficulty is the inevitable . And Spring Sprout is not an exception. Fortunately . in this work the first day , everything went pretty smoothly.


As for construction, today you have embarked on land fill to flatten the pitch . However, this is a job that requires a lot of time and energy of people and will significantly affect the progress of the project . So everyone decided to rent a bulldozer tomorrow can embark on concrete yard .


As for teaching , the school was opened exciting fun game with H2O – a kind of cat-and- mouse game of Vietnam – volunteers from Singapore with the support of the volunteers VN . Thanks to this attractive activities that the pupils of four layers 1 and 2 of primary school Year 1 1 An agreement was feeling less shy when initially exposed to the ” teacher ” new to mingle into the game , as well as later periods . During school hours , the English alphabet are inherently monotonic , this vividly conveyed to them through the song ” ABC ” and the connection works as recognizing letters and words .


As for housework and cooking , the volunteers did not seem to encounter any difficulties with the enthusiastic support from her school principal . The bearing deep dish delicious Vietnam were volunteers Singapore enthusiastic ” response ” .


Hopefully, the next day would be the day enthusiastic , playful ; more experiences and memories for everyone .

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