1305 – Green Clinic Project


Time: 23May-01Jun( 6 Days)

Place: Gia Bac, Lam Dong

Members: 10 Students of NUS Medicine School


– 750 villagers receive the treatment from doctors, pharmacists and medical students.
– Survey on health




From 23.05.2013 until 06.01.2013 , GREEN CLINIC project by ECO Vietnam Group ( EVG ) in collaboration with Team Operation Medicine from NUS Yong Loo Yin School of Medicine , Singapore took place in an atmosphere rich warmth of love and compassion . Held in Gia Bac , Di Linh district , Lam Dong province is a project to help improve the health and life of the local people here .

In just 5 short days , the spirit of youthful enthusiasm and thirst for building , community development , 16 volunteers ( volunteers ) come from Vietnam and Singapore with the support of six Vietnamese doctors South , they have done a lot of work meaning for people ‘s lives Gia Bac . These include the typical activities in this project such as stations and dispensing free medical examination , carried out a home visit to each household as well as advocacy survey and measure blood pressure check and people visiting households poor .17

Right from the first moment arrived in Ho Chi Minh City , the volunteers were quickly carried out the purchase of medicines and medical supplies needed to prepare for the examination in Gia Bac station .



In the first day at Gia Bac , the volunteers and doctors have started right away with examination work at the station and found free medicines to the people . Only 3 exams , but more than 760 people had blood pressure measured , examined and medicines , in the laudable efforts of the group . This is an opportunity for volunteers to be close to the original people , to understand , to create sympathy where people and create more favorable conditions in the later survey date .


The volunteers measure people’s blood pressure




End the job search at the station, the volunteers conducted Vietnam and Singapore trips to visit each household living in 5 villages and advocacy, guidance, sending information leaflets on health care and proper hygiene. At the same time blood pressure measured every survey people and get information, bandaged the wound healing skin if any.


Besides, the volunteers also visited the households in disadvantaged areas. The trip was not only small help bring physical and spiritual families, but it also makes each of you have the opportunity to volunteer and learn more close to Gia Bac.





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