1306 – Our Door Project

­ Time: 27May – 2June( 6 Days)

Place: Phuong Thinh, Dong Thap

Members: 50 Students of Paya Lebar Methodist Girls School


– Built 1 ECO Toiet.
– Road building (1.3km)
– English Teaching.


In the week from 27/5/2012 to 06/02/2013 , OUR DOOR project by ECO Vietnam Group ( EVG ) collaborated with the Paya Lebar Methodist Girls School , Singapore took place in Phuong Thinh commune , Cao Lanh district , Dong Thap province , OUR DOOR is a project aimed at helping and improving the lives of local people in Phuong Thinh .

In just 7 short days, nearly 70 volunteers actively perform many diverse activities such as teaching , building toilets , flagstone paths , visiting the poor , cultural night organized cultural exchange By the his enthusiasm , the volunteers have brought joy to the children and partly to share the difficulties of the people here through practical work .

Another interesting point of the project is English class of volunteers . The class attracted the local students . With lively teaching methods and friendly , the classes were enthusiastic children . The teaching session was short but had laid many beautiful feelings between the volunteers and the children , the tears of parting day linger .



Also in OUR DOOR this project, the volunteers were spread over 1km stone for the children’s travelling to school  easier during the rainy season. Understanding the significance of this activity, the militia he, locals have tools to help support the volunteers performed better job.


In addition, the enthusiastic volunteers also participate in building toilets for poor households in the commune Phuong Thinh. Although inexperienced but mentally rolling his discharge was helping girls overcome the Methodist PayaLebar initial surprise and complete 1 toilet last working day at Thinh Phuong.




Saying goodbye, what remains on the shoulders of volunteers no longer just a backpack, but it is the crystallization beautiful, valuable lessons come from the journey Phuong Thinh, friendship and memories of their will not be forgotten.













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