1205 – UP Project

In a short period of time from 17/7/2012 to 1/8/2012, ECO Vietnam Group (EVG) was having the privilege to cooperate with OVE Welfare Service Club from Nanyang Technology University (NTU) – Singapore. We worked together to run the community project – UP in Tan Quoi commune, Thanh Binh, Dong Thap District, HCMC Vietnam. With only 2 weeks in hand, but having enthusiastic spirits, hard-working and tireless determinations, our volunteers from EVG and NTU had successfully brought genuine benefits and made major improvements to the life of the people in Phuong Thinh Commune. This project is definitely one of the most memorable journeys in their lives.

Early morning 17/7/2012, the volunteers from EVG met the volunteers from NTU for the first time in a delightful and friendly atmosphere. All was looking for the journey ahead them with much joys and eagerness.


In project UP, the biggest mission and also challenge for the volunteers was building a school yard. Even though there was many obstacles and problems along way since they were all new to the job but with the enthusiasm to serve the community and the eagerness to learn new knowledge, the volunteers did become more and more like professional workers. More than that, under a very harsh weather condition with the burning sun, our young volunteers still maintained their determinations to serve and develop a better life in Phuong Thinh. They always did their best, they were ready to conquer new challenges and they did everything with much love for the community they served.


On the other hand, the volunteers not only built the school yard but also taught English to children in the commune. They shared that every time they saw the smiles and the efforts to learn in the children from this poor region, they were even more motivated to teach and help their students to learn more and more.



Moreover, the volunteers also used their precious time in Phuong Thinh effectively to every second. Beside from all the hard works, they organized game activities for the children in order to give them a fun and delightful experience that Phuong Thinh’s children rarely have a change to enjoy.  To the volunteers, the laughter from all these kids was the medication for their tiresome, which motivated them to continue their hard works.


In addition, EVG and NTU also volunteers visited many poor households in the commune. This activity helped them to have a clear look at the poor life in Phuong Thinh; it also made them understand deeply about the people in this commune. Vice versa, the people in Phuong Thinh were giving the hope and belief that there is someone that care for their life condition and willing to offer help anytime.


Before closing the project in Phuong Thinh, our volunteers had organized a Culture Exchange Night, in which, they sang and danced together by the fire. They played with the children and people in Phuong Thinh and they became closer than ever to each other and to Phuong Thinh’s people as well.



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