EVG Community Library at Gia Bac, Lam Dong

We aim to create a beneficial environment by making books and newspapers freely accessible to kids, allowing them to exchange and study. Despite the challenging situation of the Covid pandemic, our library was recently allowed to reopen after a month of temporary closure to serve readers and build a healthy playground for kids, due to the support and approval of the local authorities.

 Some images of kids reading books on-site, registering to borrow books to home

The library has been allowed to reopen after a one-month temporary closure. Following this news, children are drawn to the library to read, borrow books, and have fun with friends on a regular basis. On weekdays and certain weekends, an increasing number of children attend the library. 

Pictures of kids taking attendance when going to the library 

In the past, activities in the library were carried out according to a predetermined schedule; however, free entertainment activities on weekdays and weekends always drew people in.

Kids are playing and have free-hand drawing

In order to help children feel as comfortable as possible when visiting the library during a pandemic, the library has actively participated in pandemic prevention and control by teaching children how to wash their hands properly and to wear masks when going outside on their route to the library. 

Images of children washing their hands before entering the library 

Along with promoting cleanliness propaganda in accordance with local authority rules, the library always carries out activities in accordance with local instructions and continues to carry out actions to ensure public safety and disease prevention. 

The activities in the previous month have always rigorously followed the “5K message” in order to build a healthy playground for the small ones during the summer at the library, in addition to incorporating the learned knowledge into intellectual games.

Images of children wearing the mask while drawing to prevent the pandemic 

In order to effectively execute programs during the summer months, the library welcomes children on weekdays from Wednesday to Sunday, while also strengthening the organizing of on-site reading activities.

Pictures of children reading books on-site

          Aside from visiting the library to exchange, have fun, and learn together, the children are also aware of and gradually exercise the habit of reading books on the spot, with a particular interest in cartoon comics and books with a lot of drawings. Some of the children who will be starting secondary school next year are big fans of reference books, particularly literary and math books.

Picture of children choosing books they like to read.

Many children actively borrowed books to read at home and returned them on time in accordance with the library’s policies. Gradually develop the habit of borrowing and returning with self-discipline, and voluntarily follow the main norms. 

Pictures of students to borrow books to read.

Furthermore, the library recently developed amusement events to draw based on children’s hobbies, guide children to read books, and always propagate and remind them to maintain their health and prevent epidemics. Furthermore, the children were able to create paintings, play tug of war, jigsaw puzzles, hide-and-seek, wood-drawing games, and other things that they enjoy the most when they visit the library. 

Pictures of children playing tug of war, hide and seek activities on the weekend

The activity of producing roses from handmade paper is designed to entertain and enhance the aesthetic taste of children, with the intention that they will notice and recycle the materials around them, as well as practice table dexterity. Hand and crafting pleasant and near products in a variety of colours suitable for nature also drew curious and eager children to follow the instruction. 

Image of children drawing, cutting and folding paper to make flowers.

Reading books and engaging activities with books, sketching and crafts activities, children gradually enhance their comprehension of all elements and have moments of leisure and enjoyment, attract them to the library on a regular basis over the summer days.

        The library’s activities are aimed at creating a healthy, useful, and pleasant playground for children. The library is not only a place to read books, but it is also a popular location for children to study and play. The library has offered numerous interesting and beneficial fun activities every week as well as every day of the week to draw the involvement of children of all ages in order to serve the activities throughout the summer month.

To assist the children in playing, studying, and relaxing, they have become aware of and regard the library as their shared home. When children come to the library, they always clean up their toys after playing, sweep the leaves around the yard, water the flowers, and even cut the grass around the library garden, which helps the library have a natural atmosphere, feel at home, and bring a vivid colour image so that when children come to the library, they can read, listen, watch, and play, thereby stimulating creativity.

Image of children sweeping the yard, cleaning around the library’s vegetable garden.

Summer activities at the library in the last month not only built a helpful playground, meeting the demands of children’s summer fun and activities but also created conditions to help them exercise physically, intellectually, reveal their gifts and talents. Furthermore, we are always working to avoid the covid epidemic by bringing the library closer to readers, so establishing a safe and healthy living environment and engaging entertaining activities for kids. 

Image of children washing their hands listening to library staff propagandizes and remind them of measures to prevent covid. 

In recent years, the percentage of children who use the library has remained low. The epidemic situation is still difficult and problematic; the gathering of children to the library is limited, with only 30 children permitted to visit; this is also the period when they plan for summer, so most children must work in the fields to assist their parents’ work. Some children have to stay at home by themselves, doing housework. So many parents do not allow their children to go to the library to play and study.

Furthermore, due to frequent power interruptions caused by bad weather, screenings of scientific films by themes in a month or a week have been impossible. Every Saturday, movie screenings are held in a variety of sessions that are both interesting and appealing to youngsters. During the screening, the youngsters concentrate on observing, listening to the questions, and responding appropriately in each session. Each message in the film contains a theme.

Image of children watching a movie.

In the near future, the library will organize and guide more activities such as decoration, in addition to on-site service activities such as reading books on-site, borrowing, playing freely, showing movies, free drawing… If kids want to learn how to use a computer, we can teach them how to use a library, make crafts, and teach them how to use a computer with basic information. Simultaneously, teaching children more about the abilities and methods of reading books and newspapers in order to meet their learning and pleasure needs. We also organize additional entertainment activities over the week to pique children’s interest in the library, while always following local requirements for epidemic prevention. 

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