Report 1606 : “TWINKLE DROPS”

  1. Project overview

Name: Twinkle drops -1606

Time: 15/5-29/5

Location: Long Duc commune, Tra Vinh city, Tra Vinh province

Participants: 21 volunteers from National University of Singapore and 5 Vietnamese volunteers (including 2 EVG members)


1.Tasks and achievements

– Install 20 water storage bags


– Teach grade 5 students  in Long Duc B primary school.


– Visit 8 households


– Sport and cultural exchange with local youth



  1. Activities of the project
  2. Before the project

This is the very first time that everyone get to know each other so that there is a lack of understanding and integrity to support the team. Evrything to prepare for the project is a lot to name, whereas activities as well as stdy at university almost take up all the time, some are iverloaded with final exam. Therefore, too many deadlines have put a great pressure on them, and some feel a bit demotivated.Still, there is Han, who always supports us so each of us feel obliged to try our utmost to meet all requirements. Gradually, we seem to get closer and share the difficulties to work more efficiently. However, this is the first time we, all join in such an international project so that, we still lack experience in doing report, preparation in planning logistics list and action plan. As a result, all requirements and expectations of EVG cant be met. After finishing all the tasks, we just thought it fine. But when reporting with EVG representative, we come in for quite a lot of complaint and criticism. Since this is the first time that has to make the 3rd report, compared with other project just have to make 2. All of our team feel quite a bit worried. Before the project takes place, we all encourage one another that we will commit till the end at all costs.

  1. During the project.

On the 1st day, we gather at Tan Son Nhat airport to pick Singaporean volunteers up. Everything went smoothly this the assistance of Ms.Yen from taking photos to directing them onto the bus to head for Long Duc commune.



We reach Long Duc at 8 pm. We altogether tidy up the sleeping hall, mop the floor and carpets. Everything is supposed to be finished at 12, but beyond expectations, Steam and Vteam collaborate extremely smoothly, and get thing done at exactly 9. During only 1 hour , everybody all get exhausted but still have fun and excitement.


On 16/05, the Welcome Ceremony was also organized by the local authority in a friendly and warm manner.


Then the group had its first household visiting session. All the life stories and sharing about everyday’s life of the locals were touching and eye-opening. They helped all the volunteers, especially the Singaporeans, to gain an insight into the living conditions of Long Duc commune as well as the cultural characteristics of southern Vietnam’s rural communities.


The first week was on installing water storage bags, despite the fact that each household has different location, as well as the extreme of weather, rain all day long, but no one cared. The two teams enthusiastically work their hardest with the They treated us coconuts, so that our spirit is always high, And it is really a success. They treated us coconuts, so that our spirit is always high, And it is really a success.





The next week was on teaching students in Long Duc B primary school. They are hardworking and study quite quickly so, the study flow is smooth and comfortable and fun as well. During the lesson, there is a co-opporation between the children and volunteers. All the students get engaged a lot and so excited, they attend class fully.



Moreover, sport exchange with local youth and culture night are fully attended with the presence of Vteam and Steam and local people . All activities are filled with excitement and laughter.




The last two days were spent on Rest and relax , the two teams took a tour around  Mekong delta , Ben Thanh market and war remnant museum, These are the last time that Steam stayed in Vietnam before flying back to their country. Everyone was almost moved to tears, they feel touched by the colorful letters given out to one another, because they miss they time they spend together, of working and sharing all stories and reflection nights.






  1. Thoughts after the project.

Though there are some obstacles in preparation as well as getting complained, we feel quite overwhelmed, but the project finally turns out to be fruitfull, quite a success and a fulfillment to what we have been through. Vteam and Steam get closer and there is  a lot to remember about 1606.


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