1. Project overview:
  • Time: 5/9/2015 – 6/9/2015
  • Location: An Hiệp commune, Ba Tri district, Bến Tre
  • Participants: 34 members from HSBC; 03 ECO Vietnam Group members Achievements:
  • Hygiene Training for the student in An Hiep 1, An Hiep 2 and An Binh primary school
  • Giving gifts to student who have difficult life.
  • Fanissh building 03 water purifier RO system in 3 primary schools

CSR Program is a project operated between ECO Vietnam Group and HSBC. Through this project, ECO Vietnam Group hopes to improve the water quality of the locals and support hygiene training for children in An Hiep Commune, Ba Tri district, Ben Tre province to a certain degree.


Ngày 5/6/2015:

  • 5.00 am, EVG members, Mr. Harry and volunteers from HSBC gathered at HSBC head office
  • 115.30 am, Everyone loaded logistics to the bus
  • 6.00 am, everyone met up and took a photo, ready to depart for Phong Thanh.


  • 9.00 am, the team arrived in An Hiep, unloaded logistics and separated into 3 groups moving to 3 primary schools


  • 9.30 am, team A và B started to teach hygiene training for children. Meanwhile, team C built water house to place RO system at An Binh school
  • 11.30 am, the whole team had lunch.
  • 1.15 pm, 3 team came back to schools to finish water house construction.
  • 5.30 pm, Team moved to the People’s committee, prepare for the culture night.
  • 8.30 pm, back to the hotel.

Ngày 6/9/2015:

  • 8.30 am, started to place the RO system.
  • 12.30 am, finished placing and having a check on RO system, the whole team moved to 3 Tons Bridge.
  • 1.00 pm, back to HCM City.
  • 3.00 pm, , the whole team stopped and had lunch in My Tho province
  • 5.30 pm, arrive in HCM City, finish the project.


  • Tập huấn vệ sinh cá nhân cho các em học sinh tiểu học

When arrived in An Hiep Commune, we started do hygiene training for students. The children there were rushed out and greeted us warmly. Despite of taking place under the hot sun, all of the student showed excitement and happiness on their faces.


The training session included step by step oral hygiene and hand washing instruction. The volunteer carefully prepared the real visual to help kids learn faster. Moreover, they transformed hygiene steps into dance movements, combined with playful music, so kids were very quick to grasp and remember.


At the end of the training session, the volunteers gave presents to more than 200 pupils who have difficult condition.


Achievement: nearly 100 percent of children remembered all the steps of hygiene training and also learned two lovely dance songs.

  • Build water house and install RO system

The installation of water purification systems has 3 parts: building water house, creating electric net and placing the RO system.

Construction is the work takes a lot of effort and time. However, thanks to the enthusiastic guidance and patience of instructor, the volunteers were quick to grasp and follow. Although construction seemed to be too much for girls , but very interesting that the volunteers regardless of men or women all wanted to give it a try and eager to work. At the end of the first day, the house was finished, ready for RO installation tomorrow




The work on the next day was RO system installation, including installing faucets, checking RO systems and electrical wiring.

The work seemed very simple but it took a lot of time. Checking RO system and pipes had to be very careful to ensure no leakage.


Achievement: Although consuming a lot of effort, the volunteers had learned lots of lessons: teamwork, mutual support, observation skills, patience and construction basics such as using a shovel, mixing cement, paint walls…

  • Culture exchange


Cultural exchange took place from 6.30pm – 8.00pm, includes the musical performances of committee and the volunteer.

Achievement: The culture night took place in cozy and intimate atmosphere, full of laughter and clapping. The volunteers created conversation with the local people to know more about their lives here and enjoy the delicious food from the west of Vietnam.

  1. Feeling about the project:

Being busy with personal life, those memories with new people, going to new place, having a chance to contribute to community made me feel very happy.

After this project, I learned lots of precious lessons, understood the fact that construction is energy and time consuming process. Besides, it require ingenuity, observation and experience from the predecessors.

Thanks to this trip, I know that although there may be many differences between us, they do not tear us apart when we always have a strong and effective glue to heal. It is the happiness of contribution and helping people.

I will keep in mind the moments when my body is tired and weary at the end of the working day, but my mind is dancing with the images of cute students, smiles and support of teammate, friendly handshake of local people there.

Thank EVG, for your support and giving me this opportunity to experience.

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