Established on 7th September 2009, ECO Vietnam Group (EVG) is a Non-governmental and Non-Profitable Organization with the aim:

“Together we bring the genuine benefit to our community.”


Founded by people who share same passion and enthusiasm to work for community activities, EVG takes responsibility as a bridge of trust between volunteers, sponsors and disadvantaged communities in remote areas, including ethnic minority community.

Our vision:

  • Better the local’s people life quality by the most genuine community project.
  • Provide the knowledge and technology for the community to sustain by themselves.
  • Educate young people about community responsibility and develop the social mind in them.

In order to achieve these aspirations, we aim to develop reliable, responsible and meaningful community projects to bring a better life for needy areas in Vietnam and instill compassion to serve in young generation in Vietnam.



ECO is an abbreviation of the two words “Education” & “Community”. This is to represent ECO Vietnam Group’s aim to improve the quality of life of the underprivileged, disadvantaged communities and educate young people about their civic responsibility as well as nurture their social awareness. We engage young people in community development projects, following the Service-Learning Model.

Self-sustainability is achieved when we develop our talents and use natural resources wisely. It is when man and nature live in harmony

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