Gia Bac Community Volunteering Center

Gia Bac Community Volunteer Center was founded in early December 2013 by a group of volunteers from Vietnam and Nanyang Girl’s High School from Singapore. To this day, the center has been fully developed.  The center has a large main room built and has been in operation since early 2014. Gia Bac Community Volunteer Center places importance in becoming a comfortable and friendly learning environment for students in Gia Bac. This is a place where the children can come and play; learn as well as interact with each other. There are hundreds of cultural and science books available for them to read and enhance their knowledge. Furthermore, all the learning facilities are well equipped with adequate tools to create the ideal learning environment.
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In addition, there are public restrooms which consist of 6 toilets and 6 bathrooms for the benefit of the students studying in the library. The building fund is supported by BeCause Vietnam non-profit organization and ‘Lan Toa Yeu Thuong’ fundraising event hosted by ECO Vietnam Group.602104_10152063905960977_770150898_n

The Gia Bac community volunteer center is the brainchild that ECO Vietnam Group has cherished for so long. Our mission is to provide an excellent environment that can facilitate effective learning for Gia Bac students and increase their desire to read more and to learn more. Our long-term plan is to eliminate illiteracy and help the students to learn critical life skills for their future. EVG hopes to achieve our long-term plan, and at the same time, fulfill the dreams of Gia Bac children by continuing to establish and maintain the activities in the center.


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